Highs and Lows

One of the best things about having this blog thing is having the ability to appropriately vent out frustrations, objectively, and elaborately.  I know many people utilize their updated status on the popular social networking site to bitch and moan about the cliche, the redundant, and what ever else they feel is necessary to draw attention to themselves.  Their friends then have the opportunity to “Like” what said person wrote and comment if they so choose.  Frankly, the space is limited to effectively complain about something and that it why I do not choose to follow in the steps.  I have abandoned putting up my status for months now and I feel like I’m doing the world a favor:  one less thing to look at while Facebook stalking; hence, giving people more free time to do constructive activities.

I used to write the quasi-Mad Lib fill-in-the-blanks, but realizing allowing people to utilize their creativity and show their potential could get me into trouble.  They fill-in’s may be back, however.

Anyway, on to this week.  So far, there have been plenty of highs and lows, yielding an unwanted amount of stress.

This weekend I was called about a potential job offer.  I had been doing some work for this business, which will go unnamed, and upon hearing the potential of this I was excited.  However, in my opinion, the package offered was almost offensive.  I would be working part time, six days a week, for $8.50 an hour, but there would be benefits.  Unfortunately, unemployment pays me more .  I appreciate the company doing me a favor, but it benefits them more than it benefits me.  Unfortunately, the high turned into a low.

Yesterday, I took everything personally.  I felt people viewed me as an incompetent, if it were so, and wondered if all the jobs offered to me would be as low quality and employers as cunning.  Obviously, I catch on to such nonsense.

I have a meeting this Thursday with an assemblyman.  I cannot be more excited.  A friend of mine set me up with him and I cannot be more appreciative.  Am I nervous?  Of course.  There are a million things running through my mind about what to ask, what I may be asked, and how to respond.  Having an office in Syracuse and Albany may mean traveling, but I’m not opposed to it.  Albany is more than enjoyable and getting there isn’t a hassle, being a straight shot on the thruway.  Not sure how the job will go, what will be required of me and how temporary it may be, I will be sure to meet a lot of people and possibly more opportunities.

A third high this week, because of the same friend who set me up with the assemblyman, is the handing in of the job application for a court aide.  It’s a temporary job, but will enable me to network and rub some elbows.

Thinking about everything, especially with the Syracuse economy and closing of schools, I don’t know if teaching is what I would like to pursue.  Although, Obama stated in last night’s address, education is important and creating more teaching positions is the way to go, it seems very contradictory to New York State.  I’m not regretting not voting for the guy.  His presentation made him seem like he was trying too hard to be charismatic while trying to relate to Americans.  It was great how he was smiling and showed good posture, but his speech did not seem as intricate as it could have been.  Sure, I was half paying attention; this was playing in the background while I was talking to Sarah about houses and reading. 

In seventh or eigth grade, when we filled out that application matching us up to particular potential future careers, the first option on the list was Private Detective.  Ruling that out never really crossed my mind; in fact, the occupation has remained in the back of my head since then.

I am certified to teach abroad; this came about a couple years ago, but I opted not to go abroad because of the economic scares.  Being trapped abroad and not being able to go home in an emergency haunted and obscured my decision making.  However, the reconsideration of doing so kept coming into consideration.  Now, because how I am enjoying my life in Syracuse, going abroad doesn’t look appetizing.  Unfortunately, segueing with the topic of going abroad, this will be the year I haven’t gone abroad; it’s a four to one run.  Although, I would love to go abroad, taking a year off isn’t a terrible thing. 

Public relations and communication have come into my head.  When trying to figure out Loretto helping me further my education, they were very reluctant.  It seemed, with the exception of requesting vacation in a timely manner, it was as if I were pulling teeth when asking for something from my former employer.  Needless to say, my planning to go back to school a couple years after graduating Oneonta did not happen. 
I am partial to blame for reluctancy.

Taking writing more seriously was written in stone as a personal resolution; although, I have not done as much as I wanted to, I have done enough to consider myself on the path of being serious about getting serious.  Unfortunately, when contacting The Post-Standard, there are no editing or writing jobs.  I could go for a smaller publication, but I need a reasonable paycheck to actually live on.

In short, chosing what to further my education with is growing more and more difficult by the minute, because weighing pros and cons can get overwhelming. However, the job perspectives are only getting better and my mood is escalating.

Syracuse playing last night, as every night they play, is expected to be exciting.  Their playing against Seton Hall, a team they have easily destroyed in the past, including this season, would counter their recent poor playing and end their two-game losing streak.  Unfortunately, they could not have played as terrible.  I don’t know what happened, but their abilities looked less than novice with sloppy ball handling and off shooting.  I dared not text my parents or Sarah’s; sarcasm toward the serious side of the spectrum when people are already in a bad mood does not mix.

It was, also, very fun to spend time with Chuck and Allison.  Low key nights with friends are always praised.

More highs:

Sarah and my seventh month anniversary is today and I am very grateful to have her in my life.

I hang out with Cork and Porter every single day.

Sarah and I plan on signing up for a new gym tonight.  Planet Fitness (a.k.a. P-Fit), gets too crowded and claustrophobic.  Plus, there aren’t many machines.  With Sarah and this new place, I will be more motivated.

I will finally learn to ski on Thursday.  We, Sarah and I, are going to Song Mountain with her coworker and husband, Jen and Charlie.  Everyone is willing to work with me, helping me to stay on my skis, to which I am grateful. 

This weekend:  more skiing and snowshoeing.  Enough said.

I’m going to cut this short and get ready after ending this complain fest on a happy note.  Today, I want to personally drop off my application for the court aide position.  Getting out, even for a little bit, eliminates cabin fever during Syracuse winters.

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