On Thinking Bigger

I had an interview yesterday with a politician.  As to what the position may be, no ideas were really thrown out there. Trying to be discrete, I tried to find the right string to pull, the one tied to a specific answer, but looking at the situation in retrospect allowed me to realize the interview (the assemblyman used that word) was very casual and less intimidating than thought to be.  I appreciate my friend, Joe, for setting this situation up. 

The assemblyman, who shall remain nameless for the moment, told me my resume stood out from the piles he had been getting for two reasons–no political background and being an English major.  He also mentioned my having certification to teach English as a Second Language.  Of course, an explanation of why this never took me abroad to officially teach due to the 2008 economic scare was assessed.  From that, a talk about China ensued.  His history, as extensive as it is, includes a long teaching stint in China. 

He asked if I could do anything at the moment, what would it be.  Of course, my over thinking gets the best of me and I considered a more tangible answer:  public relations and communications.  He asked why.  I told him not having a background in politics would allow fresh, untainted ideas to be brought to the table.  Explaining my personality, I mentioned how I grew into the person who sat before him, stating my being reserved until working at the museum and college classes allowed me to open up.

I tapped into traveling, quoting myself how “ignorance is bliss for only a short amount of time.”  Traveling has enabled me to be even more outgoing to the point of addiction.  I related to Anthony Bourdain, although I do love cooking and don’t have the culinary experience as he has, but in the aspect that learning about culture is an aspect of me I cannot go without, even if the culture visited is located in a nook of the states.  The philanthropic idea of networking is talking people, listening and learning, and maintaining a relationship of being decent people.  The next part is keeping up your end, not turning an ear. 

Segueing further, I brought up my love for the environment and preservation, specifying biodiversity.  Having an elaborate environment, as diversified flora and fauna as there can be, will enable a well-sustained and pure community, ecosystem, etc.  Networking and feeding the need of putting yourself out there, from my standpoint, is positive and assuring.  If one is positive and assured, having a solid network and a fervor for self-education, you’re a self-sustained person.

He told me his answer would have dealt with traveling, learning, and teaching across the globe.

If I had a second chance to answer the question, I would have went with that.  That would literally be my dream job:  traveling and writing.  This would enable me to learn literally every second of the day.  The only question is:  how would one get there, especially from a stand point of trying to “start over” and find a new career?

Networking is more than Facebook.  People have over 1,000 friends is ridiculous.  You’re not friends with all those people.  I have almost 200 people and it felt great.  I never talked to a lot of these people. I don’t remember how I became friends with them.  I didn’t know them in high school, or I didn’t know them that well in college.  Just because you hang out with someone literally a couple times does not make them an official friend.  I network to network, not necessary “friending” every single being you come across on that attention draining website. I get people I have no idea on who they are, but I don’t accept.  I’ve requested people recently, with the exception of actual friends known since elementary school, but people who will be a part of my life down the road.

I digress.

I need to teach myself to think bigger.  When someone asks a question like that, I just need to lay everything out there.  Most importantly, I need to do something about it.

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