A Nicolas Cage and Whine-O Sandwich Between Slices of Wheaty ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’

It’s time to get the nonsense out of the way.

Yesterday, was a fun day, but there were a few things that made me question the rationality of our beloved human race.  I know this is not a hard thing to do, picking out the redundancies of life to yield your desire to repeatedly slam your head against the wall.  This “Dislike” part of the sandwich, this article being a frame entry, a sandwich within a sandwich, is the bottom bun; everything rests on the bottom bun and it has great tendency to get soggy.  I am a positive person, so this is necessary. 

Bob and Kim met Sarah and I out at Rosie’s for the Syracuse game last night.  This was their chance to end a four-game losing streak.  This losing streak, causing much stress, heart and breathing problems, across the entire upstate region of New York, is unheard of and completely unnecessary.  Luckily, this is my treat of softening the bad early, the diamond in the rough, the streak ended with the defeat of Connecticut, slapping them around in the second half with rolled up newspapers.  Surprisingly, Rosie’s was not as busy as it normally is for Syracuse games.

Watching ESPN this morning, it is now known that Baye Moussa Keita made the Top 10 plays of Wednesday, hitting the #4 spot.  Good work, man!

One of the issues during the game had nothing to do with the television.  It was the squeaky guy to the table next to our booth.  I didn’t bring him up, because I did not want this to distract attention from the game.  He sounded like the soccer fan from I Love You, Man.  Nothing but negative statements came out of his mouth, including a multitude of “hate.”  He “hated” this and “hated” that.  He “hated” Scoop and “hated” how certain players did things.  Don’t come and root for a team when you seem to disapprove of everything they do.  You have the right to constructively criticize or dislike, but the Orange were playing well.  They were winning the entire second half.  There was no reason and excuse for the negativity. 

Topic #2:  While watching the news last night, the particular local 24/7 news station focused on a rising issue plaguing society today, warning us of the increasing awareness about the rise and possible detrimental effects of… sports and alcohol.  Granted the station did not do this study, but they decided to cover it.  What studies have shown is spectators of athletic events, because of consumption of beer, leave arenas intoxicated.  Forty percent of the people tested left with blood alcohol levels. 

This is what I don’t get:  why cover something so obvious?  Aside being therapeutic, the shock and obviousness of the news segment causing watchers to shake their heads, it doesn’t do anything.  Give us something to positively reflect on.  There is a big crisis in Egypt, so go international and cross reference other news sources if you don’t have direct information.  It’s more beneficial, in my opinion.  Even on Channel 9, I have seen consumer reports on things covered no more than three months prior.  I don’t know if it’s poor organizing, but news channels should not be running out of things to talk about.

Nicolas Cage.  According to IMDb, he was born Nicholas Kim Coppola.  Wow, he’s a Coppola.  That’s surprising, but it’s not.  The commercial Bob and I commented upon was for his upcoming Drive Angry.  I had to look into this, because this is how I fulfill my curiosity.  Sure, it’s based on a graphic novel (comic).  This wouldn’t be the first time he’s took on one of these roles.  He plays a character who dies and comes back to life.  Can you say Ghost Rider?  Wtih that film, he plays a role which technically should have been cast for someone half his age.  Again, with the previous reflection.  He’s determined to kick some ass.  C’mon, do you see a pattern here?  The movie is shot in 3D, not a big surprise, because everyone else is doing it. 

The point being, he needs to stop making these cookie cutter roles.  It’s not him.  He’s a better actor than these cheesy “big action flicks.”  Give him a serious role, a part where he plays some good or bad guy with psychological issues.  Give him a cop drama.  With dry humor, he knows how to work a role.  With the exception of The Bad Lieutenant:  Port of Call – New Orleans (2009), his last quality movie was 2006’s World Trade Center.  Everything prior is very good.  However, this is simply my opinion. 

Now, since we’re on a roll, it’s time to continue with the positive. 

Sarah’s constant encouragement has helped me greatly get through the rut I’ve been in.  With this, I am able to write with a positive mindset, to not get down on myself about the job hunt, and to simply enjoy life by doing things and taking my mind of everything else. 

With this newfound urge to write more, hence this blog, I am finding little things here and there to help give me an extra push.  Of these, are movies.  I know, big surprise.  I love the word family in every sense of the word.  I, also, love dysfunction.  Every family has it, but at different lengths, and it depends on how everything is taken.  I try to take mine as dry humor; it helps coping. 

While on IMDb, I was able to watch a couple trailers for movies now on my anticpated movies to see list. 

The first was for Beginners, starring Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor.  This movie seems very captivating to me.  The tone is tangible and what I look for in movies, tugging at my heart strings to want to see it.  Plus, there is a “talking” Jack Russell Terrier.  The second movie is Peep World and has quite an ensamble cast, including Rainn Wilson.  Both of these movies, containing eleements of dry comedy and drama, are anticipated.  Woody Allen is coming out with yet another romantic comedy:  Midnight in Paris

Other movies I’m looking to see:

The Adjustment Bureau
Cold Weather
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Midnight in Paris
Peep World
Something Borrowed
The Tree of Life

My Darkhorses:

Cedar Rapids
Scream 4 (Yes, I know… no comment.  I don’t like Wes Craven, but my curiosity baffles me)
Vanishing on 7th Street
Your Highness (If I’m in a particularly goofy mood)

No way…

Fright Night  (Sorry, boredom does not validate remakes)
The Hangover Part II (Okay, just because the first one was a money maker, it does not mean make more)
Paranormal Activity 3 (Two movies is enough…)

Now, that I’m content:  it’s time to shovel s’more.

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