Introduction: A Note

So, I have decided to create a new blog.

I am keeping my other blog active, The Infinite Abyss, but I wanted to create a new blog dedicated to shorter work, and maybe a little fiction will be thrown in here. 

I’m on a fantastic writing spree, and I want to start sharing my work with everyone.  I bought domain names for both blogs, but just have to figure out if and how I can get my work protected.

For now, you can see the blogs at:

I am sure once the domains register–which I am having a very difficult time with–the addresses should be redirected.

However, the impossibility of getting in touch with Google, searching for an answer as to why TIA domain isn’t registering, is a thorn in my ass. Everything is legitimate, the process went through. 

Gar!  :::shaking fist at the compter screen:::
Sound good?

Comments.... ?

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