"Cue in the decadant snowfall"

Cue in the decadent snowfall—

            those flakes falling,

                        cascading, weaving

                                    into a blanket

                                                            soon enough.

            Bring forth

a side dish of clean guitar—

                                    tender tone elegantly played.

            along side a metronome

                        of pitter-patter echoing

                        from the snow toe tapping upon

                                                the pavement.

It’s a romantic gesture

            for a melancholy situation,     

            sitting upon a step of the monument

                        of Honor.


            The light above

my head melts not snow, but

            the weathered faces of the soldiers,

            extending a shadow of gray tatter

                        above their heads,

a stretching elastic band          

                        of hope,

                                    keeping the statue intact.


Heroism ignites pride,

            Both strong and long lasting.

This is for the Heroes,

                        skating upon that ice.

            Every so often,

                        someone falls,

                                                only to be picked

back up, just like

            this one girl


                                    The one

                                                dons the green hat.

She slips.        

                        She falls

                                                upon her hands and knees,


                                    the impact.

He picks her back up,

            the Hero:

                                    actions yielding


            a long lasting


A passerby would recognize.


A pride expedited,      


                                    by the girl

                                                for a lifetime.

Why can’t I

                        be that


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