Kitty Hoynes | IPA, And So Should You!

It’s amazing how Syracuse can continue to cater to the appetites of its residents and out-of-town guests on a regular basis.  Am I right?  Sure, the summer fests are spectacular, but how does the city subdue the personal anxiety yielded by cooling temperatures:  Beer Week.
Syracuse Beer Week offers the ability to meet the needs of any beer advocate, connoisseur, snob, or Regular Joe.  We have the ability to get out to our favorite Syracuse venues to enjoy a variety of beer from around the world, but right in our very own backyard.  There is no need to fear the chill of November winds, because you are basking in the warm aura of a favorite bar, or a place you haven’t been to before.  When you check out the offerings of Beer Week, you may find that a tasting is going on at an establishment that you’ve never been to before.
That’s the beauty:  no matter what you decide, new place or new tasting, you’re going to try something you’ve haven’t personally done.  Family and friends are encouraged to attend; it’s the people who you are with makes the events more enjoyable.
I attended Kitty Hoynes anticipated IPA segment of Beer Week.  For my personal taste, I love the extremes of either side of the beer spectrum:  a stout and a porter are held high and as equally as an IPA.  The expectation was to have a handful of IPA selections to choose from, which I could easily taste in one sitting.  However, this is the list that was handed to me:
My assumed sure-footed thinking had the kibosh thrown on it.  Not to my dismay, because that’s what I call opportunity, considering I had not enjoyed several of these on the list.  It was time to ask for a flight, consisting of Smuttynose Big A, Troeggs Perpetual IPA, Rogue Yellow Snow, and Sierra Nevada Northern Hemi Wet Hop.  If you cannot decide on one, which is the case most of the time, simply ask your bartender if you can have that flight.  It’s better than going down the line, trying each and every one of them, which is a bar no-no to begin with.
I gave the flavor prize to Troeggs Perpetual IPA, but my favorite out of the four had been the Sierra Nevada Northern Hemi Wet Hop.   My taste buds were treated to hoppy deliciousness.  I was not discouraged to stay consistent with the IPA options, because (1) this is what I came here for and (2) one cannot compare a malty beverage after the series of IPA tastings.  To end the night, celebrating the convenience and privilege of one of the several Beer Week opportunities, my last choice was a delectable one:  Firestone Walker Wookey Jack.  Its coat of darkness is the equivalent to a king wearing purple.
So, in case you did not make it to a Beer Week event this year, there is always next year.  However, don’t be unhappy and dry your eyes, there is opportunity to enjoy these beverages on tap while the grog lasts.  Keep in mind, there is always another Syracuse event right around the corner.

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