Dinosaur BBQ | The Action! | The Ska Isn’t the Limit

Dinosaur BBQ:  when simply hearing the name of restaurant one cannot resist smiling.  Our very own barbeque-centered biker-friendly restaurant boasts many aspects.  If you work downtown, it’s hard to miss those enticing, delicious odors pouring out of the restaurant’s pores.  As you travel closer—your nostrils are leading the way at this point—your ears pick up on a distinctive sound:  music.
Not only does this establishment pump out delicious ribs amongst other barbeque favorites, accompanying those sandwiches or ribs with mouth watering sides, you’re in for a treat when a band has taken the stage.  I’m not going to list off the names of bands which have played there, because there is an extensive list.  These genres range from acoustic shows, solo acts, to blues and jazz groups and ranging from three to a handful members.  Patrons are able to get an intimate show while you’re enjoying a great meal.  You cannot go wrong with that.

Good ska bands are hard to come by, especially in Syracuse.  It’s not an unpopular genre by any means, but there aren’t that many in the surrounding area.  I can understand the intimidation to play the music.  After all, the fusion of punk, jazz, and reggae imposes a threat; this is a threat which can often cause people to tap their feet, sing along (even if they don’t know the lyrics—however, choruses are catchy and easy to learn), and even dance with strangers.  The members of the bands are normally easy going and willing to get the audience involved by any means necessary:  telling stories, yelling random things, using various props, and even encouraging a social drink.
The Action! is one of those bands.
Longtime friends, the group formed in 1998, and the original members have stuck together since.  Although a high school band, each member was a credited musician.  As the years passed The Action!—formally known as Skatos—pumped out a handful of albums and singles for everyone to enjoy.  In 2008 and 2009, The Action! received two Syracuse Area Music Awards for best band and best album.  On Saturday, November 17th, the band celebrated the release of their latest album, Accelerator, as well as their holiday album, Tangled in the Lights, which they respectively played the title track.
Accelerator contains a handful of new material as well as tunes you have heard before, including “The King’s Trombone,” “Monster,” “Angela K.S.,” “I Got Wasted in Baltimore MD,” and “Pirate Song.”  The latter has become a personal favorite of mine, a foot-stompin’ and gal-swingin’ tune that may cause you to spill your beer.  In fact you should (a) put your drink down to dance, or (b) spill your drink due to excessive dancing, which would be out of respect of the fun you are having.  If you’re not having a very good day, “Pirate Song” is the song that will perk you up to Notch-11 on the I’m-Having-Fun-Now scale.  Yes, it’s that amazing. However, favorites from the previous Exploding Radio were played, including “New Old Friend,” which is another personal favorite of mine.
The Action! normally incorporates covers in their performances, but being a CD release party (for their albums Accelerator and Tangled in the Lights), the band proved they have more than enough material for their show.  Their covers of songs such as Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” and The Band’s “Ophelia” are regarded with great respect.  In fact, the band performed a song written for the daughter of Levon Helm, the late drummer of The Band.  The Action! performed “Amy” after their lead singer, Mike Gibson, explained his personal experience and reasoning behind the creation of the song.

If you haven’t checked them out, they are a must-see.  It’s a guaranteed good time.  The Action! will be playing at Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub on December 8th.  If you are still not convinced, please check them out at www.theactionband.com.  The Action!, also, has Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages as well.

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