Back in Action / Pour Me a Merlot


Aside a lingering cough here and there, I am back to full force.  Last Wednesday, specifically speaking of the night of rest in between Tuesday and Wednesday, I felt like a million bucks when my fever broke.  I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself drenched in sweat.  It was one of those:  I have to go the bathroom moments which woke my person up, but I wanted to slide down the hall in victory.  I still had a little bit of a dizzy spell following me, but I decided to go back into work.  My vocals were reminiscent of Tom Waits, minus the nicotine gravel and booze glaze, but I didn’t let that discourage me.  When I answered the phone, maybe I fooled a constituent into thinking I was a guest speaker.  However, I didn’t speak to anyone new, and some didn’t hesitate to tell me I sounded awful. 

I kept confident about my battle with the flu, wanting to do more than I could.  I didn’t take my inability to get out as disappointment, but it was more of a reassurance that I am only human and that others would be in the same position.  However, it drives me bonkers to have to sit around, because life cannot be enjoyed from the discomfort of being confined to the comfort of one’s bed.  In some cases, that’s very true; however, it’s not when there are things to be done.

I was able to get out by Friday evening, which was enjoyed thoroughly at Empire and at Mikey’s Tavern in Solvay.  I was able to share a great meal at Empire, because the hour-and-a-half wait at Pastabilities was not conducive to the evening.  I ordered the spicy pig burger, asking for it to be cooked medium, but that only got me responsive leers.  Yes, it was going to be cooked only in one way, but the cognitive habitual process caused me blurt out medium appropriately after the word burger.  It’s fun to laugh about, because I confused myself as much–if not more–than everyone else. 

Mikey’s Tavern was great as usual.  It’s a favorite of mine to go to when you want something low key and not too crowded.  The establishment has great pub fare, and the inexpensive night of drinking is not one to ignore.  Standard bar games as darts, shuffleboard, or billiards are readily available.  Plus, there is the music aspect.  Low key shows from Confucius Says to solo performances–my buddy, Brian, was the reason to visit this past Friday–are always fun.  The fact you have live music playing in the background while you hang out with your family and friends, music which is not obnoxiously overwhelming and music you can sing along to (finding yourself singing louder as the night progresses), is all that is needed for a satisfying night.

It was great as always to see the Sheridan clan.  Life gets in the way sometimes, but I try to be there whenever they are out and about.


Saturday was quite the adventure.  Unfortunately, my roommates’ car isn’t feeling up to snuff, so I gratefully took him down to Kitty Hoynes.  I’m glad I didn’t leave earlier that morning, since I was planning on hitting up the Farmers Market; however, that fell through with suckering myself into sleeping for an extra half hour.  Oops!  We tried jump starting the car on Sunday, but to no avail.  The battery must be completely out of juice.  So, I went to get my Simply Orange from the fridge.

I’m kidding.

I went down to Freedom of Espresso, where I really didn’t get anything accomplished.  Accepting my Inner J.D., I imagined myself pouring coffee over my laptop and tossing it out the window.  Upon realizing that the inanimate object did not fly, I then would say:  “Red Bull doesn’t give you wings!”  Cutting to reality, I was sitting with my cooper in hand, cradling its warmth, as I stare blankly at the computer screen.

In order to get some inspiring thoughts, I made plans with Paul to get an Irish Coffee over at Hoynes, where we spent some of the afternoon rehashing and catching up.  After, I made my way over to Anthony’s Pasta Bar to write up a blurb for Project Rock City.  Thinking I was going to be incapacitated the rest of the week, I wanted to make up for lost time by writing a long blog.  Check it out at I’m not going to get into too much detail, because you can read the review at the website, but I highly enjoy the food at Anthony’s, and I am glad I actually am able to be constructive with my consumptions now.  I get to put my word-of-mouth compliments to paper, and computer for that matter.  The Utica greens and shrimp with pasta dishes were absolutely satisfying. 

After my meal, dropping the food off at my car, I headed over to Al’s.  I was meeting up with someone for a date.  The Merlot that I had was actually very good.  I’m not the biggest fan of Merlot–

“If they order Merlot, I’m leaving.”

Easy there, Giamatti.  No one asked you.

“I’m not drinking any fucking Merlot!”

Okay!  Okay!  Chill out, Miles, or whatever name you want to be called.

No matter, in the past year, I have tried some really good Merlot.  When bartender, Jamie, poured me the glass and asked me to guess, you wouldn’t believe how surprised I was.  I did end up with that wine, before my date and I headed over to Kitty Hoynes for a quick burger.  The cheddar-topped burger was cooked to my preferences, and every bite was delicious as the previous. 

Calling it a night, I did end up going to Wegmans to pick up a copy of Moonrise Kingdom from the RedBox.  Trusting the suggestion, wholeheartedly, I enjoyed this Wes Anderson film as much as I normally have enjoyed his films in the past.  To compliment the review given to me:  I agree, the movie definitely plays out like a children’s story.

There is nothing better than enjoying good company over a glass of wine at Al’s.  A glass of fine fits the bar better than a pint of beer.  Granted, you cannot smoke in there, but the outdoor seating during the summer is a perfect spot to enjoy the grandeur of one scotch/whiskey/Bourbon and a cigar.


That just about does it, though.  The next step is tackling the whole Christmas shopping thing.  Thinking about the ideas I had, I have to scratch those.  The little shopping that I have done–let’s be thankful that I don’t have to shop for many–I haven’t found anything proving itself worthy of a gift.

However, I am going to buy as many locally produced/sold gifts as possible.  Urban Outfitters does not count, as tempting as it is to go in there and (over)indulge.  I’m not going to that parasitic mall, either.  I may end up there, but it’s going to be my last resort. 

Yesterday, I did end up at Freedom of Espresso.

You’re shocked, I know.

But I spent the majority of my time writing before heading up to my parents for family dinner.  Hanging out with the dynamic Malone duo and my brother with his girlfriend, I was able to seemingly relax for once this week.  My Italian mother stressed how I looked tired, but I assured her that it was simply the end of a long week, and I was sick during most of it.  I rehashed my dating life, and the events of the weekend.

Yes, the weekend may have contained a date.  It’s none of your business, yet.  Needless to say, if the person of interest is reading this… well, I simply had a great time.  Maybe there were two dates?  Maybe there were eight?  Maybe I didn’t even go on any? 

Who knows?  Haha.  I keep this info for a rainy day.

What you do get to know is that I enjoyed the mid-season break episode of The Walking Dead.  Not a whole lot happened, which I am not too surprised about, but enough action occurred to keep me anticipating more.


In other news, I must be off to watch some Syracuse basketball action, and then watch the Giants stomp over Washington.  Maybe some trivia will be played. There is just too much going on.  I don’t want to burn myself out over multitasking, plus it’s only possible to watch one game at one time on one TV.  The box on the side of the television screen, the picture-in-picture (or game inside of a game) is distracting.

Unfortunately, Merlot, you’re going to have to wait.

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