Crapping Oneself | Copy Editor Man | Improv Workshop Week #3

I.  And the Weekend Begins
After the class… Well, actually, during the intermission, Emily and I decided that this week was funked.  The vibe was off for some reason.  Dave was a no-show, but we had Danielle back.  Mike was out and about, and Joe took over the reins to lead the class.  Alexis helped us stretch and warm up, and Maryanne provided laid her comedy on thick.  
I am actually having a difficult time putting words into this post. 
That’s life:  you win some and you lose some, you have great moods and terrible moods, you have great ideas and then you have awful ideas–or no ideas at all.  However, these life lulls only last for a short period of time, varying in length, and coming out on top always happens.  Situations, as personally demeaning as they may seem, are always resolved positively and yield euphoria. 
So, one downtrodden improv class isn’t the end of the world.  We still have three more to attend; however I am not looking forward to the workshop series ending.  It’s a constructive way to the beginning quarter of the four-part weekend.  Yes, a weekend has four parts:  each day is separated by “Noon.”  Usually, Saturdays are groggy, because there is something going on–you have to force yourself out of bed.  In the afternoon, you should be awake, and that awakening brings elation until whatever time you go to bed. 
Sunday mornings are lazy.  It’s a struggle to get up, especially if nothing is going on.  If it’s during the winter, you can stay in and watch mass on the television.  God told me it was OK; the almighty being, also, told me with a definite tone, hinting that making it up the following week would be necessary.  Why is it OK?  God created mankind, who–throughout the timeless years of evolution–developed television and video cameras; those who are shut-in and cannot make it to mass have the ability to experience it through basking in the waves emitting through the television screen.  I don’t normally follow through with that. For those who do, hey, more power to you.  The Christians have it easy, because they can simply watch.  For the Catholics: don’t even try to receive communion via television; you cannot be emailed that wafer either.
That would be funny if the priest began emailing shut-ins communion wafers during mass.  He has the servers doing the dirty work, putting the wafers in peoples’ mouths.  Amen.  I mean, if you bless a set of golf clubs, you can bless an email containing a picture of a communion wafer.  Right?
That way of thinking can be deemed, if it hasn’t been already, condemnable, but it’s truthful in a sense.
Sunday evenings, to get back on topic, are more relaxed and low key.  There is that underlying dread that one has to work in the morning, or has to search for work.  Everything is a process either way.  Sunday evenings are a great time to spend time with family and friends no matter the occasion. 
II.  And Where Was I?
So, today was an off day in the world of improv.  I came in pumped, anticipating high expectations.  However, upon my entering, there were only three individuals sitting around the table.  Joe was covering for Mike, and Emily and Danielle were engaging in conversation.  I had seen Emily earlier, because a pre-workshop coffee was definitely needed.  However, I was pushing the time limit when I entered.  Alexis showed up soon after, and Maryanne followed.  There was a collaborative disappointment when Dave was deemed as a no-show.  Dave had brought an A-Game the week before, and I couldn’t wait to work with him today.  Oh, well. There is always next week.
One of the games we played today was a superhero game.  We had to come up with a superhero name for ourselves, and express what our power is; the key aspect was that our superhero alter egos were supposed to be boring; Batmans, Supermans, or Green Lantern types were not allowed.  My superhero name, which will probably be brought back up during and outside of improv workshops, was Copy Editor Man; he has the ability to point out grammatical errors and punctuation.  Commas are the sprinkles on his sundae. 
We bounced around from person to person, repeating our superhero name and performing an action which personified our other personalities.  My action was an over-exaggerated point to and invisible piece of paper.  Eventually we had to say a one-lined (or was it one-worded) description which pertained to our superhero, following with a description which could pertain to another superhero.  They would follow with the same protocol. 
III.  Crapping My Pants
The Slideshow game was great.  Two people would sit, talk, and set up a scene for the remaining three individuals to pose in whatever position they so chose.  Alexis and I were a couple, reviewing photographs from their last trip to the Everglades.  We deemed Maryanne as a panther we picked up along the way, taming her with pieces of beef jerky. 
There was one scene with Emily sitting down, which–this was a few pictures into the series–we deemed her as to being me.  However, Alexis said something along the lines of her being so scared she crapped her pants.  Emily, who was positioned on the ground, looking up at Panther and Danielle/Alexis, was placed perfectly for me to say (along the lines of):  Well, I crapped my pants, that’s why I’m sitting down!  I didn’t want anyone to see the shit stain on my butt, so I said down and enjoyed everything playing out.
Needless to say, I brought people to tears.
I crapped my pants in improv class. However, I let Emily do it for me.
IV.  Eye Contact 3-2-1
We did an exercise where all of us participating wandered the stage.  We simply walked, and we gradually took on a persona.  Some of us were excited and some walked around depressingly.  During the second round, we all changed our persona.  However, the goal was to pay attention to those around you, mirroring them.  The goal was to compliment facial expressions, mood, and body language.  We were to watch walking techniques and follow suit. 
Although, this was a simple exercise, it proved very educational.  You don’t want to go through life as unhappy.  You want to be your own person, and you want to be happy; it’s important to work on posture and showcase your emotion.  Eye contact is so crucial when it comes to even the smaller things in life. 
You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Smile even when things are bad.  You’ll never know what will happen.
V.  Improv Mixer
So, there is an improv show going on this upcoming Friday at the CNY Playhouse, which is located in Shoppingtown Mall and around the corner from the food court.  It’s $5 to get in, and you’ll be fed pizza. If you don’t like pizza, then bring your own food.  It will be a great night to mix and mingle, starting at 6:30 and going to 7:30, so it will not be cutting into your socializing on a Friday night.  This will simply add to it.
I highly suggest participating in the next round of the improv workshop.  It’s inexpensive, fun, and will help you break out of your comfort zone.  You’ll communicate better, and this prepares you on several different levels of everyday interaction.  Even if you have trouble maintaining eye contact, this will help you.
This is simply a social situation, helping you meet individuals and helping you become a better person. 

2 thoughts on “Crapping Oneself | Copy Editor Man | Improv Workshop Week #3

  1. Hmmmmmmm. I work at the building practically IN the Shopping Town mall parking lot until about then. If I actually remember, I might want to just walk over. Sadly, I know myself all too well and I might walk over, look in, work up the nerve to actually decide to go in by myself and then lose all my nerve right when I decide to do it. And then I will later wish I had gone in. But there are times I surprise myself. I'll see if this might be one of those times. That sounds nifty. The show doesn't mean us outsiders need to participate, right? Just watch?

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