Month: February 2013

A Soul That I Won’t Sell

I.  It’s Been A While Hey, everyone.  How y’all doin’ today?  (Says the born-and-raised Upstate New Yorker–here you go, Downstate friends and strangers and people we have yet to meet:  another reason to think we’re all a bunch of hicks up here.) Things have been busier than usual, which isn’t a bad thing, but the feeling…

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Pizza Shop Evolution

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  So, there are two versions of this poem, and I am going to present them both to you.  Why?  This was a challenge that subconsciously accepted a month or so ago.  Mitch Mitchell, a man of many blogs (I’m Just Sharing and Mitchell Consulting to name a couple), and Mark Strong (The Proof is…

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