This Might Get Shaky

Today was another great day as the countdown to 30 grows narrower by the day.  The parental units and I drove to New Jersey for my little cousin’s birthday.  It was a spontaneous show up, and the relatives were greatly surprised we made the near four-hour trip to Bergen County.
There was a plethora of brunch food, and pasta and meatballs.  These Malone side of the family relatives also have Italian in them.  For those who didn’t want brunch, they could have… well… lunch.  My aunt did a phenomenal job with the food, and I could not get enough of the French toast.  There is something about brown sugar that melts my heart, especially when it is baked to warm and gooey.  So friggin’ good.
Goops of carmelized brown sugar, melting in your mouth. 
I didn’t drive by myself, so playing passenger was my role today.  I tried writing, but the battery in my computer shit the bed ever so early, which means it’s going to have to be replaced sooner or later. Having to plug this in isn’t inconvenient, but it is annoying. 
So, here was my chronicle of the eight-hour drive.  I drove part of the way on the second half of the trip, so this primarily covers the first half. 



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