FYI: I’m the SIA

I recently hid a short string of comments on my previous post.  The individual who kicked off the comment series called me a self-indulgent asshole.  Actually, they used an instead of a before calling me the self-indulgent asshole–grammatically incorrect.
That’s my one and only stab back.  It’s feeble, but I want to be honest and make a joke of it.
To the first commenter:
You obviously did not read the post well.  I do, in fact, point out my flaws as a human being.  I have been trying, struggling as one should, to get over this self-indulgent assholeness.  It’s been a challenge, and I need an extreme dose of reality at times.  Maybe it is a slap in the face?  Maybe it should be something more. 
In the last post, I am making fun of myself as well as being objective toward the human race.  Are you in denial that everyone has these poor qualities, whether the situation is over a relationship or otherwise?  Life is made up of several different relationships:  friends, family, self, nature, animals, inanimate objects, and spiritual.  There is bound to be imperfection somewhere in one of these niches.
The first commenter, who does a great job of summarizing my post, is a pure-of-heart.  This commenter is a perfect human being, an individual who should be martyred for their humanity.  This martyr, instead of being objective, took the subjective route with calling me out, stating the obvious. 

I am not perfect.

There! It’s been said again.
I was going to keep the comment up; however, a battle was ensuing.  An anonymous individual stuck up for me, and then this first commenter called this person a douche in a third comment… or it was someone else.
Either way, it’s not proper.  Don’t act like children.  This immaturity makes me look less of a self-indulgent asshole. 
This isn’t a place for name calling.  This isn’t the elementary school playground.  This place, the comments should be a great space for feedback and objective comments.  Should there be an issue, my contact information can be found. 
To the second commenter:  I appreciate your sticking up for me, but I removed the comment to justify my point.  It will only get people going.  It’s best to just ignore the comments.
If you don’t like what I wrote:  send me an e-mail and let me know your thoughts.  We’ll discuss my imperfections over coffee. Leaving an anonymous comment does not make you look cool, and this displays your cowardice.  Please act your age.
If you don’t like me, why read this blog? 
I do not appreciate a string of numb comment banter. 

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