Femininity in Retrospect | Franklin Square | Downtown Syracuse

Great ideas come to those in retrospect.

Franklin Square

The Tazo tea–Lotus–steeping in the cup, paper.  And this reminds me:  Downtown Syracuse should put out more recycle-friendly bins.  I am one of those persons who finishes what’s in the cup, drinking tea for enjoyment and refreshment and soul saturation.  However, amidst the vapor wafting through the mouth of the cover, Franklin Square was drenched in perceived feminism.

It’s perceived, because of several reasons.  The cherry blossoms, the buds and the colors, and anything frivolously delicate.  Of the approximated people seen:  all women (10), minus 1 (oh, so 9).  The one male was tending to the dogs.  If this were text, an actual text and not an entry out reading and comprehending from the feminist approach to analyze literature would have come too easily.  There is sexuality with the blooming, the budding, the pollination, and whatever biological allusion one can come up with.  The one male, aside myself–alone–was tending to the dogs while his significant other grabbed a drink from Freedom of Espresso.

Let me be clear–for fear my words may be taken out of context–that women are the better halves.  Please take into beauty, delicate nature, reliable and bold intuition, and voice.

Accepting my place in this given moment, the pollen smell heightened.  This was the first time, taking notice of the smell of pollen.  There was fear of my possibly developing allergies; however, that notion faded–I did not sneeze.

As the late afternoon sun still confidently shined beyond the trees, the urge to take a picture was not resisted.




And on to six.

In the distance, she stepped upon springs.

[Switch to present tense]

Amongst the cherry blossoms, she glides from sidewalk to sidewalk.  In hand, she totes a camera far superior than mine; it can catch every ray in a person’s iris, each ray bursting out and describing a person’s heart and soul.  She takes detailed photographs that she means to, without acknowledging intention of actually doing so.  In a floral sun dress–not to clash with the cascading intermittent petals descending around her–the wind slightly teases its hem with each swift movement.  She’s never inappropriate, Nature.

It’s whimsical.  She stops to take pictures of the bloom.  The aura is a combination of graces:  the floral odors and the freeze frames.  It’s cognition building.

After settling to her soles, she aims the camera for a shot.  She places a bow on every spot she stops after lacing invisible ribbon through the street.  The only disheveled part of her is her hair, but only a few strands, which are thoughtlessly pushed behind her ear.

And I, with my shoulder companions gagged–that little devil, he–and jaw to the floor–as an angel observes another–bide my time, thinking of excuses to not get in my car.  She walks on air, gracefully, not missing a step for yielded stutter-step.  And I, so particularly at a loss for words, utter to stutter something along the lines of:

And they say there is no actual spring in Syracuse.

And to kick myself, courtesy of those hidden now-teamed shoulder companions, to where I bite my tongue.  She looks at me, smiling, and our eyes meet, and time conception is a drunken stupor as her soft blue eyes meet mine.  A strand of hair falls, and she swiftly places it behind her ear, slowly moving her hand down and away–acknowledgement!  However, she still smiles in agreement, goes on her merry way.

Great ideas come to those in retrospect.

[Return to past tense]

I could have said…

Miss, would you like a picture of with your camera?  It would be you within the petals, basking in the tiring sun’s rays trickling through the branches.  This seems to fit your personality, your style, and the natural light will do you justice.

But no.  My attempt had been rewarded with a smile, however, and a moment.

She probably wasn’t the one; otherwise, my quick thinking would have been explored.

At least I know the type I am looking for.

16 thoughts on “Femininity in Retrospect | Franklin Square | Downtown Syracuse

  1. You found your type? And your friends know who she is? Um, send her a picture of the same blossoms and ask her out. There’s no reason to wait and see if you run into her again. Just do it. Love this post and am glad you decided to share again!

    1. Thank you! Yes, she is a definite muse, but nothing more than that. The moment happened too quickly for any solid interaction other than a smile; she blew away like petals in the wind. The breeze caused me to spin, turn my head, and she essentially blew away like dust.

      1. if there is one thing i have learned in this world, chris, it’s that all things are possible. don’t rule anything out )

    1. The funny thing… A friend and his now-ex told me they knew the girl. I told them they were crazy, and my buddy showed me a picture of the young woman they figured this mystery girl to be.

      It was her. How the heck they figured it out was beyond me. Actually, it’s not too surprising. Around the same time, she had posted a picture of the blossoms around Franklin Square.

      As much as we would like things to happen that smoothly, I probably won’t run into her again.

      Hope your weekend went well, Mark. I’ll be catching up on your posts in a little bit. My ICR post is getting the best of me at the moment… I’m not enjoying the process of writing this post, and the 10th draft of it is driving me up the wall. Too many of them have been scrapped, and this fate is looking bleak.

      1. Take a deep breath and say this draft is the final draft, Chris, and then make it so!

        About the girl. You are too negative. Use your friend, get her number, call and say … this may sound funny but I am the guy who last year … and ask her if she wants to take blossom pictures with you this time.

      2. Not sure if contacting my friend’s ex is the greatest idea, but if it happens… it happens. We can put this in Fate’s hands. She may have been seeing someone at the time.

        I will take more blossom pics regardless.

        Draft is submitted. It’s messy, it’s open-ended, but at least there are some routes to be taken. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The Infinite Abyss(es) and commented:

    I don’t reblog my own work, because I had thought that whatever I wrote was complete and utter rubbish. My switching to WordPress in the middle of April 2013, gave me some boost of confidence.

    This, “Femininity in Retrospect,” was probably one of the first posts I’ve given myself a pat on the back about. It was written April 30, 2013, and the anniversary date is tomorrow. Tomorrow is my Syracuse New Times post, so it’s being posted a day early to avoid clashing. It’s been a few days since I updated, so it’s appropriate. Plus! Many of you will get to see what I wrote before getting involved wholeheartedly with WP.

    Happy Monday, everyone.

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