How I (Have Not Yet) Met Your Mother

Polish Fest occurred in Syracuse’s Clinton Square this weekend.  Aside excellent food, a psychic was ready and available to read some palms, deal some tarot cards, and see some futures.  I heard about this from a friend’s posts on a couple social media outlets, so I had to try it out.  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t see the tent.  Well, actually, I can believe due to my ability to be easily distracted by food and aromas.  Since my aunt’s recent encounter with a medium, my participation seemed naturally fitting.

I never told my parents about this yesterday, but they’ll find out now.  It’s hard to tell them about my consideration to move to pursue something bigger and better.  I never believed my thoughts, but now verification has been made.

The decision, which–in retrospect–is or was seemingly inevitable, to see a psychic was an interesting decision.  Seeing the so-called psychic–this will be touched upon very momentarily–was eye opening.  She is said to be “so-called” due to the age approximation; I am not great at determining age, but she could have been older than she looked or younger.   Being a 30-year-old, I’ve received compliments of looking between 22 to 25, and the notion that my younger and only brother looks older than me.  I should not judge the ability of the psychic based on age, since Haley Joel Osment saw dead people in 1999’s M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense.

As an aside, what the hell happened to you, M. Night?  Shammy?   Sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong?



However, my palm was read and my cards were dealt and insight about my future was disclosed.  While shuffling the tarot cards, I was asked to think about what I wanted to gain insight into.  The–everyone’s favorite–three repeated words in my mind:  finances, career, and love.  As the reading unfolded, it can be comfortably said that she was on target.  All three were touched upon.  It was said that I:

  • am a good person
  • have a great aura
  • go out of my way to help out others even though they do not do the same
  • would like people to reciprocate (adding to the previous bullet)
  • have a long life
  • will be successful
  • will find that one true love
  • am a romantic
  • need to focus more on myself
  • need to pursue my passions
  • need to talk less and listen more

The psychic told me that I am in a good place, because I was in a rather large rut.  I’m not out of the rut yet, but I am getting close.  My niche has not yet been found.  The activities and people I have met recently are positive for my well being.  In order for me to be successful while pursuing my passions, the psychic told me to leave Syracuse.

She asked me how I deal with change.  I let her know that I am very resistant and anxious at first, but I find that groove and scold myself for being so hesitant.   She asked me, “So, what’s stopping you?”

I replied with a don’t know.   She glared at me as if to tell me that I knew I was full of shit before she said that I have very strong family ties here and other people/relationships are holding me back.  She also told me that I have relationship baggage that is holding me back.   It was asked to let that go.

“You got out of something very recently,” she told me.  “What happened?”

It depended, I told her.  She could have picked up on the relationship that ended a little over a year ago, or she could have picked up on my frustration from this Thursday, which was the night I admitted to the woman I was seeing that I wasn’t in the right place.  Still feeling horrible about this, yet relieved I could look her in the eye and admit that I’m not mentally ready, it weighed on me.  The young woman I was dating/seeing (however you view it) is an incredibly genuine and fun person.  It was an initial shock to me, meeting this person and hanging out as often as we had.  She’s funny, intelligent, charismatic, and exciting to be around.  It was most important that I could/can talk about anything with her, and I could be my dweeby self and share a laugh with me as making fun of myself ensued.

Although we were not serious in a sense, but serious about getting to know each other, this admitting on Thursday was difficult.  I didn’t want to lead her on and have her lose complete faith about me.

“You’re not going to find her until you leave.  You don’t know here, but you will.  Everything may not fall into place for a year to a two years, but it will happen.  You’ll find her, and you’ll know.  Everything will work out, though.”

Wait.  I asked, “What?”

She repeated the news.

I looked at her.  “So, there will not be a hopeless romantic story about me ending up with someone from childhood, rekindling a lost love, or getting a second chance at a missed opportunity?”

The answer was no.  “She is not from your past.  You do not know her yet.  So, don’t start thinking about starting a relationship here in Syracuse.”  Essentially, the lost loves and missed opportunities can be classified as muses and inspiration.  They can’t be incorporated directly into my life, but the experiences keep my soul blooming.  This makes sense.  There is disappointment–enormous disappointment on some accounts–but this news can be understood and rationalized.

I am essentially starting on a new, very clean slate.

This sucks.  My true love is not in Syracuse.  My friends and family cannot introduce me to single potentials.  That’s too bad.  Me, having the conscience, I know that I would start something and have regret.  I’ll have to have women sign a piece of paper, acknowledging that this isn’t guaranteed.

Don’t think about starting a relationship here in Syracuse.  Now, let it be known that I am paraphrasing the psychic.  These quotes are not directly exact, but the meanings are expressed.

The psychic asked me if I had any questions.  Since this was my first time, I had many questions, but I didn’t want to seem anxious or stereotypical to ask them.  For instance:

  • What am I supposed to look for to know that she is The One?
  • How do I know where I will end up?  There have been many cities and countries running in and out of conversations; some cities have come up more than a handful of times.
  • What should my first step in the right direction be?
  • How do I stop my head from exploding?

There were so many questions that could have been asked.  However, I’m the type to play the cards dealt.  Where would the intrigue and fun be if I found out specifics?  I am grateful to know, picking this up intuitively, that I won’t meet  this mystery girl via online database.   Well, this is all up to speculation.  Or is it?

Looks like we’re on another segment of life’s journey…

And we’re still in the in-between



One thought on “How I (Have Not Yet) Met Your Mother

  1. Wow, this took me back. Years ago, in a similar space, I visited psychics and was on the receiving end of way-too-many-to-count tarot, ruin readings. Don’t even get me started on astrology! Looking back, I was in the right place at the right time for the right stuff to happen to bring me where I needed to be today. Which is not even close to where I thought I would be then career- or relationship-wise. In-between turned out to be full of more possibility than shit, at least for me. In hindsight, that is! Really enjoy your honesty here.

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