Droplet #1: Fail

I failed.

I failed to commit to my five-day string of blog updates last week.  I chastise myself for not living up to a simple task.

I failed to excel at work, and I almost lost my job for it.

I’ve also failed keeping my résumé up-to-date.

I failed at good friendship.

I’ve failed to listen.

I’ve failed to learn.

I’ve failed to cry, when my head and gut combined to feel absolute guilt and sadness.

I failed to be cognizant of my scheduling, and I overbooked myself this weekend.  That is typical.  My hopes to help a friend move were not ignored, but it just didn’t happen.

I failed at organization.

I failed to acknowledge the routes I drive.  Until last night, I failed to acknowledge I drive on a road of Memory Lane, but the route is reversed.  It was our first New Years Eve together and in the company of [your] friends, and I fit in.  It’s when I fit in, and felt comfortable fitting in.  Yet, as time passed, there was discomfort with fitting in.  However, that night I gave into a cliché, accepted it, and enjoyed it–it was our first New Year’s Kiss.

I failed to stay true to myself.

I failed to smile.

I failed to acknowledge.

I’ve failed to ignore, now that I think about it.

I failed to drink enough water.

I failed to work out as much as I said that I would.

I failed to eat healthy for a few meals.

I’ve failed to do many things.

I failed imperfection.

I failed.

I will continue to fail.


I will continue to learn.


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