Throwback Week (Ep.2): For the Kids

My father is a lion.  His roar is bigger than his bite.  However, he’s a lion.  Dan, my brother from another mother, is a jacked beast, and he has admitted he is a bit intimidated by my father.  It was said that people in New Jersey could hear him yelling at my brother and I when we misbehaved.  We feared getting spanked or getting the strap.  Hearing the stories that come from his mouth can also convince you of his tough guy persona.  As kids, both of us and neighborhood kids were included, we were aware of the risk we put ourselves in when it came time for voluntary risky behavior.

If we were to fuck up, we’d have to go big.  If we flawed at screwing up, showing the proof that we knew what the repercussions were, we were in for it.  We were grounded.  However, most of the Malone boys’ groundings ranged in various time increments–sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes a couple hours, and sometimes through the night.  However, as the clock struck Midnight, life reset itself.  I cannot recall getting punished for more than a day, but I could be wrong–usually am.  My father would, after the punishment/grounding period, sit us down and talk to my brother.  He’d ask what we did wrong, and inquired how we would resolve this, or–in other words–make up for it.  He’d ask if we would do this again, and our responses would explain the of course not.  This kept us (fairly) honest and on our toes.

Sunday, July 7th, 2013, would mark a(nother) moment where this burly man showed his warm gooey inside.  Mind you, after almost 33 years of being married, my father still holds hands with my mother even when they are simply talking a walk through the neighborhood.  My father boasted his buying Despicable Me and Monsters, Inc. in 3D (he loves his electronics).  My parents had never seen Monsters, Inc. until the other night.

Gasp.  I know, right?  I’ve owned the movie for years, and they never opted to watch it.



However, that delay is neither here nor there, but they loved it.  That’s not a shock to anyone.  My father called the movie cute, but he complimented the relatable nature of the film to real life.  The movie is true in those qualities, in all honesty.

When I met Bill, my first and continued college roommate, he came in with a stack of movies.  He would continue to buy movies as the four years progressed.  However, they would be the special and fully-loaded editions.  The majority of these owned films were animated.  I never came down on him at all about these, because they were enjoyed by my person as well.  The observation was vocalized, and Bill responded to a question that wasn’t planned on coming out of my mouth.  “I like the movies,”  he said, “and I’m going own all of them so my kids can enjoy them as well.”  Those weren’t his exact words, but he did admit to enjoying the movies enough and wanting to share them with his kids is an absolute fact.

Yes, he’s always been a great guy.  Sorry, gals, he has a special lady friend.  Yes, I love to throw out The Big Lebowski terminology whenever I have the chance.  He’s going to make a great father one day, and he’ll most likely create superhuman athletic kids–Olympic athlete types.  He’ll take his kids to Disney World, whether they enjoy it or not.  Disney films, including the Pixar collaborations, are timeless.  The stories are incredible and heartwarming, and there is enough adult humor in each film to keep us older kids occupied through even the mundane story lines.

Disney helps define a childhood.  As a family, we’ve been to Disney World twice.  I would go to Florida again in a heartbeat.  It’s not childlike.  It’s reliving fond of memories, which are still stored and reflected upon today.  Depending on the person or people I go with, there may be persuasion to get the famous mouse ears.  I want to ride through the Haunted Mansion, tumble down Splash Mountain, journey through Spaceship Earth, visit the warehouse from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and–if I am still single–grab a coffee with Ariel or Belle.

Who knows?  There may not be enough time.

On a serious note, I would really enjoy hitting up Tower of Terror, considering it opened the day after we left Florida for the second time.

And now, one of my favorite scenes from Who Framed Roger Rabit?:

What is your favorite Disney/animated movie?

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