Simple Gestures

Residents of Central New York complain when we have too much snow or that it’s too humid during the summer. We are lucky. This is where I could go on a tirade about weather-related disasters, and that we Central New Yorkers should be thanking our lucky stars when we look at other locations across the country, places where tornadoes and hurricanes and water-related destruction have flattened areas. If one has the opportunity, they should donate and help out–in person if possible–as much as they can.

Philanthropy.  Sometimes it is difficult to do, sometimes you need a little push, encouraging yourself to go an extra mile and even a small mile. Progress is progress. However, after the deed is done, as little or as large as it may be, you feel fantastic afterwards. It’s been a pretty crummy couple of weeks mentally and physically. My patience has been tested, and there has been self-development realization churning and blooming.

Two Thursday afternoons ago, I ran home on my lunch break, and saw that a gentleman was painting the fence across the street. It was quite a humid day, and offering him a water was on my mind; I knew that there was one in the fridge, chillin’.  Upon my coming back out, he waved and said hello to me; I replied, not second guessing myself upon holding out and offering the water.  The guy said thank you, replying he had water over by his equipment.  My response was a head tilt and a smirk before beginning to turn.  Well, he said, if you’re offering it I don’t have a problem accepting it.  I joked, Good, because I didn’t know what I would do with this bottle of water since it has your name on it.  He graciously accepted the bottle, we shook hands, and he thanked me.

We came across each other the following day; he began to walk across the street, and I met him halfway.  He thanked me again.

The race, ethnicity, religion, political viewpoint, music taste, movie taste, and recycling habits all do not matter.  We’re both human beings, living on the same planet and breathing the same air.  We never exchanged names.  I hope we cross paths again.

I’ve never felt so good about myself.  This simple notion has been on my mind for well over a week, and it’s continually lifted my spirits when having a bad moment.



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