Yesterday from Tomorrow’s Perspective

I wrote these words down yesterday:


I wrote this two-liner the other day while talking on the phone.  It was a business-type of call, and my right hand felt like taking notes–it picked the words out of the air and placed them on a torn piece of paper.  How authentic.  I’m also attempting to write more in script, or cursive.  Go me.  The practice yields a whole new style or type, which really does not make any sense.  In my opinion–aesthetically uncertain.  Staring at it for to long may cause nausea, vommitting, irritable bowl syndrome, and/or migranes.

This is a personal goal of mine, tagging along with the writing more concept.  I used to–not so much anymore–write out the chapters of my novel and my short stories before typing them out.  It’s legitimate, but it’s a longer process.  Despite taking away more time from your day, the writer is able to pick up mistakes easily.  Revision is more managable.  Personally, writing more notes/letters may be in my future.  Beware, people; you may be receiving a card to simply say hello.  You can throw it out, if you’d like.  If you thank me, I probably won’t dwell on it being received or ignored or tossed.  That would be an easy way to confuse this guy.

Wait, don’t just throw it out.  Recycle it.  Better yet:  fold it, put it in a bottle and send it out to see.  Let’s purposely thow some mystery out there.  You’ll have the recipient wondering what exactly is going on.  Maybe they will write about it, and maybe it will be the inspriation to a novel.  So, yes, just don’t throw it out; get creative.

However, getting back to the previous topic, this seems to hold true:  The best bet is tomorrow.  We can also say the favorited:  Tomorrow is another day.  It’s so easy to say, to think and to hear the words aloud.  It’s amazing that something so simple can be extraordinarily convincing.  Tomorrow is, in fact, another day.  We can let whatever sit for another block of hours.  It’s not that important, really.

However, it is.  If you want something done, you have to do it, and that is inevitable.  We find ourselves in that position more often than we’d like to acknowledge.  I know the inevitable things in my life, things that i have put off or continue to put off, and some of which need a drastic reboot.  There are a few future options that should be worked on, well, two days ago.  In similar fashion, those who procrastinate end up kicking themselves and a swarm of woulda-coulda-shoulda‘s sting the shit out of the utterer.

The best bet is, in fact, tomorrow.  The best bet is to have the accomplishment from the previous day settle in, and you can thank yourself.

Yeah.  That’s the best bet.  It’s going to be tomorrow.

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