Month: July 2013

Fourdaycation (Prologue)

I started this post on Saturday, but sitting still irritated me. There was a subconscious goal that settled, a self-bet to keep myself away from technology for four days. The original plan was to go to The Gathering Literary Conference at Keystone College. However, due to the current mind-fuck that I’m wading in, I disappointingly…

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Simple Gestures

Residents of Central New York complain when we have too much snow or that it’s too humid during the summer. We are lucky. This is where I could go on a tirade about weather-related disasters, and that we Central New Yorkers should be thanking our lucky stars when we look at other locations across the country, places where tornadoes…

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Throwback Week (Ep. 6): Emilio Estevez Says I’m a Quack *

Let’s take missed opportunities into perspective.  There have been a few occurrences lately that have generated some thought, generating a domino effect of ideas.  This week of writing throwback pieces has got my mind going, constantly thinking and thinking way too much, about how I’ve grown up through various experiences and lessons learned. Improv workshop…

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