Two Fridays Reflected: Acceptance, Dragging

It’s reassuring to know that friends and people you assocate with (former or new friends) let you fall. They let you scrape your knee. They enjoy watching you progress. That’s why friends essentially stab you in the front. The Twitter world is still relatively new to me, but I have met several great people from there. These locally-focused people are people who I spend most of my time with whenever I hang out with friends. They’ve been life changing. I know that’s a big term to use, but it’s true. They’ve helped me out, and they may not see it. It’s not that they should see it, because life should progress naturally. We’re not on this planet to keep saying, “Oh, do you see what I just did for you? Um, yeah. You’re welcome.” Life would be shitty.

For my friends: Thank you.

On Friday night, I had two plans. I wanted to go see The Action open up for Reel Big Fish, who I have not seen perform in a long time. The last time I saw Reel Big Fish was in 2002, and their show was part of Warped Tour in Buffalo. I went with Becky, and we ran into several people we knew, including college friends and Seth, who evetually married a best friend of mine. That was part of a great summer.

The other event was to support a new friend of mine; the business that he works for, Modern Industrial Marketing, was having an open house. Craig of Kinani Blue informed me of this. He and his Becky would be attending. After meeting up with the couple at Kitty Hoynes for a post-work Guinness, we headed to MIM for the event. While we were there, Frank met up with us, and we all decided to go for a night out. It was a while since we all hung out, so it was a great option.

Now, there would be people I would have known at the RBF show, but it would be so loud in there that no conversation would have taken place. Some people would be at tonight’s show, a rock set at Pasta’s on the Green out in Baldwinsville. I haven’t seen these friends in a while, who I would have hung out with at the ska show. However, tonight would prove to be the better option as far as catching up and being able to hear each other goes.

Granted I was essentially the ninth wheel (there were eight of us, but Frank is married), so I semi-seriously suggested that friends should be brought out. Single friends. A discussion about my dating life was tapped into, and a the girl I had been seeing has not since called/texted/communicated in well over a week. Let’s keep in mind that I have not made the best effort either. Time is spent freaking out lately, psyching myself up, and keeping busy seems to be the only remedy; yet, that remedy isn’t helping in the least bit. Despite communication flaws from both parties, when you see a post about wanting to get set up with a physical therapist for an issue, boasting hope for this physical therapist to hopefully be a hot one: it’s a bit of a turn off, and it shows that writing this doesn’t bother her in the least bit. She’ll probably read this, and will be annoyed by what I say. But you cannot deny the truth.

Another something of an agitated backlash–reading these posts and getting annoyed by content–was brought to my attention this weekend, and it was particularly about how/what I write. The person was upfront about this blog, and I have to give credit about that. It’s perception, and it is what it is. It doesn’t bother me in the least bit, because topics are how they fall. This person is getting annoyed with me in regard to the hypothetical romanticisms I’ve been posting lately–yet, it doesn’t justify for one getting called emo.

If I romanticize the grilling of burgers and veggies, describing how the flames caress the fleshy or meaty skin, it should not put me in the emo category. This is food passion, which is easily attainable. However, I am writing about life passion, which I do not have and do not find it attainable in Central New York.



This may seem like a blog to complain about past relationships–it partially is–but there is focus on my faults and how I can improve as a person. There is an objective and not just continuing to woe-is-me poo-pooing about where did it go wrong and/or what does it all mean nonsense. I try to make sense of my issues, but I’m not complaining about my high school and early college relationships/flings since none of them are the love of my life.

But back to the orignal discussion: the understanding was that we, after a few dates, were not serious by any means, but I find this all to be a bit of a bummer: the acceptance of reality, a.k.a. facing the facts of not working out. It also proves that distance does not work when it comes time to starting a relationship. I do not think ill of her by any means. She’s a beautiful girl with an amazing personality, and she is very responsible while holding a couple jobs in the summer when she isn’t teaching.

Life just doesn’t work out sometimes, and this includes the grilling of food.

It doesn’t bother me to potentially be set up with people. As history shows, it normally does not work out with when a set-up is devised, but it doesn’t hurt to try. The downtown bar scene and bar scenes in general were scruitinized; you don’t want to meet someone at a bar, but that is only if there are certain circumstances. This could go on for a bit, but these circumstances vary by the person. I know people, couples who have met in bars, and things are well between the two people.

It doesn’t help to be negative about that.

We went to Empire, where I engulfed my favorite Tumbleweed Burger and a side of sweet potato fries.

The night was relaxing for the 11-year age range of our group. We hung out, talked, smoked cigars, had a couple pints, and joked until it was time to go. I got home a little after midnight, which made it a better night. Nothing great happens past midnight anyways… unless you are out and about in a bigger city.

Plus, Frank got a picture of the back of my head, which is a signature of his. I tried to block his efforts, but he is a cunning son of a gun. Mad props.

To have others rag on you about pickiness and your type is funny. You let your guard down a little bit, and open up. It was admitted and accepted on my part about being more of a listener than a talker. They were fine with that, because they already knew and observed. I just don’t like to talk over people, and I feel that I have a reputation to uphold. Being more honest in my writing, it’s my intention to keep the consistency when I am around people. It’s easier to write honesty than to speak. I don’t like to offend either way. Things I have said have caught people off guard, which is a good thing (this was told to me). I have a bit of an edge and a mouth. I’m not an ignorant person, but I am so far from being a genius or perfect.

Admitting the type of girl that I am looking for says a lot, since I do recognize that I do have either or types: either this type or that type.

Nothing of interest was out that night; however, we had cigars to go along with a comfortably cool evening.

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