Saturday to Sunday was a stretch, and there was a four-hour intermission in between. Friday night was fun, and I got to see and hang out with my locally-biased group of friends, and I met some new people. Josh and Erica, knowing them the SUNY Oneonta days (they recently moved into Syracuse), were at Hoynes that same evening, and they recently moved into the area; we talked about making plans to do something soon. Saturday, I woke up and went for a run before heading to Freedom of Espresso for my Saturday morning pilgrimage to write. Kate, who was leading one of her famous Syracuse Food Tours around downtown, who I also know from playing bocce with/against her through CNY’s famous bocce league, Turbo Bocce, who was written about in the June bocce post Opportunity Knocked Us Up, and she encouraged me to get outside and enjoy the weather.

So, I did.

Most of my time spent was driving around, hunting for last minute things for my New Orleans trip; however, I did get out to enjoy the weather. Before heading out to Baldwinsville, I quickly met up with Recipe for Electricity co-founder, Danielle, where we caught up after a week and talked about meeting up for our necessary improv practice. En route to Baldwinsville, Pasta’s on the Green specifically, a couple of Bianchi’s Pizza Pad slices were grabbed and consumed along the way. That pizza has been consumed my whole life, and it’s tasted consistently the same–sauce and crispy crust and all.


The Sheridans and Joe put on a great show. They played an eclectic set of modern and classic songs, spanning the decades: The Decemberists, Daft Punk, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, O.A.R., and many others. A song written by the patriarch of the Sheridan clan was thrown into the mix as well. Brian asked me to take pictures, which I was delighted to do so. It was great to see and catch up with him, and we’ll probably get together sooner than later; everyone always says this, but we will.

A new friend was made, but I will change his name to Drunk Steve to save embarrassing his person. He kept bugging the guys during intermission to play Foo Fighters, mentioning “Learn to Fly” specifically. As the night progressed, he still egged the band on, but Learn changed to Learnin’ inevitably, confusing some Tom Petty.

During intermission, Drunk Steve requested songs by The Beatles as well. Brian played a quick version of “Don’t Let Me Down,” and I picked up the guitar to play “Blackbird,” which is The Beatles song that I have focused a lot of attention on. Drunk Steve murmured something about something else sucking while Brian tried to get him to listen to the song.


Drunk Steve also danced with a cute girl in a blue dress, and here we can make an allusion to Mike Doughty’s song of the same name. This, in turn, allows me to reflect on another post of mine dating back over a year ago, mentioning another girl in a blue dress.

Apparently, I find beauty wearing blue dresses.

I left during the encore, and the band thanked me. My modest self blushed, because of the kind gesture. They even plugged the monthly Syracuse Improv Collective shows, which was awfully nice of them. Drunk Steve even clapped for me, and he murmured something incoherent as well.

The rest of the evening was spent with my second longest friendship, which is true when you consider I have known his older sister longer. Dan and I sipped some 12-year-old sherry cask Glenmorangie scotch before heading out to play virtual mini golf. It was a good, low key night; and good conversations were had in regard to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We spoke of relationships. We waited almost two fucking hours for the poor excuses for garbage plates to arrive. The driver sprinted from his car to deliver the goods, and then he sprinted back. I love it when we don’t have to remind people that we’re annoyed.

I told my reflection that this week is to be Glasses Week, because I wanted to give my eyeballs a rest. So far, this expectation is being met. Wearing glasses does not bother me too much, but I would like new frames. My coffee was purchased before heading to the Ice Cream Kids Club meetup at Carol’s Polar Parlor, which is in Fairmount. Ryan was headed off to Africa, so the crew wanted to see him off with ice cream. A few of us broke off and darted to Target, but I went to Marshall’s first. It’s great seeing these people, but I didn’t want to over do it.

A new satchel is trying to be purchased, and finding one is a process for me. There was a great one in Target, but it had velcro; yours truly is not a fan of the stuff due to the texture and noise it emits. It’s an embarrassing sound, like farting in public; gazes loom on you, and it is obvious that everyone is acknowledging your annoying velcro. Consideration to buy it crossed my mind, and taking off the small strip of dissonance would be easy. To check out the spacious guts, the bag was unzipped to find more fucking velcro. There may have been a gasp, and my reaction may have been dropping the laptop bag in similar fashion to Indiana Jones realizing that he had picked up a snake.

With my palms exposed and my fingers fanned: icky. My wallet left Target just as heavy as it was upon entering.


{Photo by Joe Blum}

I picked up Pastabilities Hot Tomato Oil for Joe’s birthday party. Upon entering, improv associates and their significant others were in attendance. Tasting glasses were lined up for everyone to drink out of, because there was a beer and food pairing. There were so many choices of dips, cheeses and snacks. The cheese with truffles was my favorite, and it paired very well with Southern Tier’s Live (my beer of this summer). Thanks to Joe and Sara for hosting a great evening.

It’s great to hang out with such a crew outside of our shows. They are all generous in a variety of ways, and it’s easy to relate to them. They have their own book club, which I thought was amazing, and they invited me to join. This will help me keep on a rigorous reading schedule. Reading is important, because if you don’t read you may as well not write. Sure, talking about the book may be a partial amount of the time, but I don’t remember the last time I discussed a book with anybody.

The night ended with listening to amazing classical music while helping another Recipe for Electricity teammate, Alexis. The music was extraordinary, and definitely put me in the zone for a great night’s rest.


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