Fair at Night

This will be my last post…

…until I get home from a little vacation in New Orleans.  This has been anticipated, and it’s been years in the making, but my cousin, Candace, will be visiting another one of our cousins for a week.  It marks my first extended trip in the United States since who-knows-when.  The last big trips were both Boston/Cape Cod combos in 7th and 10th grade, and before that was Disney World back in 1994.

After improv practice last night, I drove down State Fair Boulevard and–of course–past the New York State Fair.  This action was second-guessed due to the potential of (a) the road being blocked off and (b) traffic congestion.  The route was smooth sailing, however.

It was peaceful.  At 10:45ish, people were milling about, finalizing odds and ends this night before opening day.  You can either take a positive or negative opinion on the New York State Fair.  Some claim it’s the end of summer… yes, it is, but it’s only for the kids going back to school.  I can admit that I’ve said–on numerous occasions–that The Fair is the same thing year-after-year.  Sure, in my opinion, the Grandstand shows are nothing to write home about; the free-with-admittance shows at Chevy Court are the absolute best.

It’s a pity that I’ll be missing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals tonight, August 22nd.  I’m going to have a blast in New Orleans though.  My parents, as concerned as they are, were worried about missing the show rather than dropping her son off at the airport.  When the show first leaked, I let my mom know immediately.  She inquired as to when.

When are you leaving?

Me:  That night.  I’m annoyed that I’m missing this show.

Mom:  Shoot. (She may have said Shit.) Well…

Me:  Mom, just drop me off at the airport after I get out of work.  I can entertain myself for a couple hours.  This way you and dad can get through traffic and to the fairgrounds without missing the show.

Mom:  Yeah, that’d be great.

My parents love music, and this adoration has spread to my brother and I.  Due to my mother being a huge Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick fan (to hell with Jefferson Starship and Starship), she’s been a fan of Potter.  Since she heard the band cover “White Rabbit,” she’s always claimed that you could close your eyes and envision Jefferson Airplane playing the song.



Getting back on topic.

The Fair is great.  It should be attended at least one or two days each year, and that’s recommended for the skeptics.  There are plenty of people to watch and comment on.  There is plenty food to try and eat.  There is the Milk Bar with delious Byrne Dairy chocolate milk.  Importantly, there are exhibits celebrating New York state history and agriculture.  The buildings that house the animals also have the owners standing by, and they are easy to talk to and will give you insight as to what they do and how they provide for New York state.  Find out where your milk and produce come from, shake some hands, and don’t forget to thank these individuals.

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