October Sounds Good

Three years ago, I began this blog.  For those who have read my posts in the past, this isn’t my first blog, but we can all hope this will be my last.  It’s personally a pain in the ass to keep starting new blogs, and they cannot be changed as if they are pairs of socks.  My first real post was in October 2010, and it was followed only by one other.  There was some desire to “take a break,” and I continued to write in January and February of 2011.  The writing stopped, again, and it would not be continued until a year later (2012).

The number “three” is a favorite of mine, and those who know me accept my affinity for odd numbers.  Autumn is my favorite time of year, and October and November are my favorite months.  To follow suit with many others, the pledge to partake in a personal writing challenge cannot be put off any longer.  My fellow friends and bloggers are inspiring to me, so my envy towards their being constructive gets the better of me.  Even those bloggers that I don’t know, those who think they can write (but severely cannot), and even my non-writer friends engage in such challenges.

Since October has 31 days, the challenge will have to be as so.  If you’re going to contribute something constructive (maybe constructive) on a daily basis, what is one more day?  Right?

While grabbing a tea yesterday morning in Cafe Kubal, I ran into fellow blogger, Joanna, who runs GiansantiDesign, and we briefly talked about the challenges of writing and keeping up with the blogging aspect.  She has a very cool design business, and it just dawned on me (just now) that I thought I had liked her Facebook Page.  Unfortunately, when you meet so many bloggers in our city, like me, it’s easy  to forget whose social media you’ve explored.  I covered my ground and liked her page.

We ran into each other earlier in the morning at Syracuse Social Media Breakfast, which completed it’s eighth meetup, and fellow blogger Margaret and Joe were also in attendance.

Maybe some of these posts should be probes.  It’s encouraged for others to try for themselves, answer questions, comment on a post, yell at me, or even slap or spit on me when seen on the street.  It doesn’t matter. That’s life, and we have to take the good and the bad.

There is intention to make you smile and maybe laugh, to tear up, and for you to get angry at me due to my offending you.  There is a promise to even try and offend you (but not too, too much).  [Wink.]

However, with this being said, I may be taking the next few days off from blogging, just because I want to fast.  I want to start October off running. Plus, the fiction has been coming along well.  It will be good to focus some attention on that, and there is so much going on around Central New York.

If there is one thing I ask of you:  get out and have some fun.

Oh, and read.

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