Due to recent instances of catching people in the act of telling others something aside the blatant truth, I’ve been thinking a lot about duplicity quite often as of recently.  Just because someone breaks something, it doesn’t mean it’s a full-blown fracture; the bone isn’t sticking out of the skin either.  With the reading I have had done, and the information reiterated to me, reincarnation and Karma have also come up.

If someone–who is definitively duplicitous in nature–passes on, do they die twice?

Of course, one would have to be spiritual in order to believe in reincarnation.  Save that.

If the person is spiritual, do they receive a higher penalty?

Let’s say the two-faced person does, in fact, die twice, does this disqualify their being reincarnated?  The life has essentially lifted from their body, and their indifferent nature, both sides of it, have also passed.  This is like a two-for-one combo.  Paralleling the Giants game tonight:  a time-out was called by the Big Blue, because they wanted to reconsider and challenge a play; however, upon losing the challenge, they lose another time-out.

The higher beings must be able to step in and say, “Oh, we’re sorry.  You were going to be given your next path, but we see that your deception will have to be considered greatly.  You’re going to have to wait for an indefinite amount of time.  No, don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

In order to have an old soul, one would have to consistently be reincarnated effectively, and this seems only appropriate, but the disruption of a line of a person’s reincarnated lives would have to mean this person met a snafu.  There was a disruption.  With any disruption, there would be a rift.  This rift could set the venturing soul on an obscure path, an opposite path, or discontinue the process completely.  Should this reincarnation continue, there would be a stain on that soul’s journey; ergo, a tainted or tortured soul would surface from that point on.

A soul coul eventually find itself on the right path again, but it may take some time.

This is only appropriate should the spiritual person be cognizant of their duplicity, which they are whether they accept it or not, as they seek personal advantage.  This stains Karma.

As previously stated, the author of this post is not an expert.

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