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I would like to share a blog post, but only a segment of it, a paragraph, which is actually the first of only two in the entire post, by a blogger.  This blogger goes by the name of Opinionated Man through the blog Harsh Reality.  I highly recommend everyone to read this blog.  The particular post can be found here, and the paragraph is now below.

“What is poetry to me? Poetry is the ability to capture the moment in words. To provide a description so strong you can taste it, feel it, and your emotions react as such. The power of imagery is the mace of Poetry and she wields it with the strength of the writer. I believe poetry can be written by anyone. The simplest of words placed with the care of a Japanese stone garden can create remarkable art. The influence of the poem is measured by a full spectrum of attributes and it is thus very hard to compare and contrast one poem to another. It is like comparing art, for who can truly say what the artist intended but that person themselves.”

– Opinionated Man

*     *     *

I helped out a few Syracuse University film students with a silent piece.  It was a lot of fun to be a part of this.  The video can be found by following this link.  If you have issues viewing this, please let me know.  The film was posted by director Ethan Backer.

*     *     *

The poetry found in the film is simple.  The poetic nature is represented by glances, stances, light, and angles.  Amongst others, these qualities need to be focused on to drive the film, and this is especially true if you want to make a silent one.  I’m no expert in film making, not yet at least, but the appreciation is there.  The writing and creativity is definitely there.

Music.  Everyone loves music.  We accept the notion that we do have our own soundtrack to our lives, whether you choose to accept that or not.  A person without music is most definitely a boring one to say the least.

The other night at the Syracuse Improv Collective’s Two-Year Anniversary Bank Show, as always at a bank show, a musician plays.  The girl who performed has performed in the past, but this time she–Carissa is her name–played solo.  After her set, a gentleman immediately asked her who her inspirations were, and the high school student replied with an answer of Carole King and Fleet Foxes.  This, my readers, will give you a good sense of the type/style of folk that we’re working with.  Steve, a member of the collective, is her guitar teacher, and this will give you a sense of her talent.

The first time she played, my mother was ecstatic about her sound and talent, and she ran up to her telling her to watch Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and After Sunset, due to the similarity of music.  It’s just amazing the amount of talent that resides around here, and that we don’t know about it.  We got her twice for our Bank Show.

The reception was amazing.  From where we were sitting, we could notice the girl’s hands shaking uncontrollably.  Her feet were tucked beneath the seat.  She was clearly nervous.  However, when she played, the crowd did not expect it.  The soft, distinctive voice has a distinctiveness to be associated with that of Carole King, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Nora Jones, or any other female artist with that uniquely powerful sound.  If you want male comparisons, the folk of Alexi Murdoch and Nick Drake can easily be an inspiration to the girl.

The crowd at the CNY Playhouse was moved.  The audience erupted after each song.  Michelle turned to me, and she was wide-eyed and smiling.  She uttered/asked the rhetorical, “Are you kidding me?”  I simply smiled and said, “I know, right?”

Hey, Central New York.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this student.  Such talent.


{Source:  Reluctant Writer Girl}

Months ago, playing as a duo, a song called “Time Traveler” was played; at least, I think this was the name of it.  I was crossing my fingers with hope that it would be played.  It’s strange to hear a song that you’ve clearly never heard before, and it was composed by this high school student.  The song calls to you, the lyrics and the composition, and you realize this is the inspiring music that drives you.

When my novels are done, they’ll have a soundtrack, because music is heavily infused into them.  Yes, even for the good ol’-fashioned haunted house novel once that gets written.  The soundtrack songs will either be listed in the front of the book or the back (this has not been decided) as an entire list.  It will be like a mixed tape for everyone to inquire about.  The songs will be placed throughout the novel, beginning, end or within chapters and separated from the rest of the text.

Music drives my writing.  Music encourages me to keep writing, and the more I write the more I want to write.  I close my eyes when there is a Woody Allen film is on; you can do this and it will sound easily like a radio show.  The music he has in his films keep me on track.  It’s fun to base a piece of art off of a song or even lyrics.  This helps me with writing more believable pieces; it reminds me that I can write outlandish and keep it grounded at the same time.  The music of Alexi Murdoch is associated with Away We Go, The Shins with Garden State, Harry Connick, Jr. with When Harry Met Sally, Nick Drake with Serendipity, Regnina Spektor with (500) Days of Summer, and Elton John’s “My Father’s Gun” with Elizabethtown.

The rain, pelting or falling softly.  Traffic noises.  The wind.  The stillness.  Sounds punch me in the face and slap the shit out of me when they come just right, and my notes are scribbled down on pieces of paper; they cannot be forgotten when returned to.  Sounds of happiness, sadness, frustration, anger–they do the same.

My latest confidant, whether he wants to be referred to as this or not, told me good news yesterday.  He was smiling and had a nervousness to tell me.  Those are included with the looks.  At this moment I am tempted to include a paragraph of the novel, but I’m not.  I pulled up the chapter in particular that is currently being written, and this segment was based off of a simple look.  It wasn’t even a look at me.  It was a look witnessed just out of the blue, and it occurred last month.  Write those looks down.

The beauty of simplicity.  If we want to capture these moments, do so.  Make some poetry.

Now, enjoy a song.

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