Sunday Zen: Chapstick

It’s been a quiet weekend, which isn’t a bad thing.  Hung out with a few groups of friends and relatives.  My parents’ house was all to myself and Lou, the cat, and we had some good bonding time.  He killed a chipmunk for me yesterday, and he left it at the foot of the door, leading to the garage.  (Good thing I watch where I walk… sometimes.)

We had dinner the other night, and it looked like this:


It was a swell evening.  He even kept me company on the couch while I watched This is the End, which I will be putting my two cents into an upcoming post.  I don’t have writer’s block, which has been great since this 31-day challenge isn’t even halfway over. I’ve been fig a cold, which cloaked itself as allergies, because there was no progression of cold-like symptoms.  It’s all good; I am feeling better after tea and rest.  The lips are chapped, but good thing I found some chapstick lying around the house.  There is no point in just going out for chapstick.


Huh, this tastes funny. I wonder what flavor it is. Oh, wait. Damn you, cold headache dilusion!  Now it’s hardr tr trk. Hmm. Mmm.

Hmm.  Mmmm mmm mm mmm mmmmm mm m mmmmmm.  Mmm?  Mmmm m m mmm hmmm hmmm HMMM mmm mm.


Hmmm mmm mm mmm mm mm mmmm. Mmm mm mmm mmm, mmm mm hmmm hmmm hm, mmm hmmm hmmm mmm mmm hmmm mm m mmmm.  Mmm hm!  Hm! Hm! Hm!

Mmmhmmhm, mmm hmmm mmm hmmmm. Mmm mmm mm hmmm.  Hmmm, hmmmhmhm mmm Hmm m M, mmm mmm Hmm M Mm Hm Hmhm.  Hmm mm mm hmhm Hmmhmhm, mm mmm mmm MmmMmm(s) mm mm.  Mmm hmm mmm m.  Hmmhmhm, mmm hmmmm hmmm mm mm hmmm hmmmm hmhm.

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"Remember this--if you shut your mouth, you have your choice."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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