Hidden Stache

Growing a beard the last two weeks had been fun.  However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  It’s also best to quit while you are ahead.  It’s easy for me to get comfortable with aspects to life, and the beard definitely fit into that category of comfortability.  (I know comfortability is not a word, but who cares?)  This has been the best attempt I have taken in over three years, and that is simply due to the ex not enjoying facial hair whatsoever (exception of the sideburns, which I have had since high school, or around 15 years) and my previous boss’ preference for the men of the office to be clean shaven.  The latter, I came to terms with, but the only annoyance was having to shave regularly, which is personally described as tedious; I could get away with having the scruff sit for a couple days.

Beards, when done right, can be professional.

Another reason to decide to shave the beard is my Halloween costume.  In case a party or two may be attended this year, the beard does not go with the costume idea whatsoever.  It is rare that a costume is decided prior to the day of a Halloween party.  Figuring this is my 30th Halloween, opting to dress up may not be a bad thing.  It’s a treat to myself.  It’s losing its flavor, dressing for Halloween.  It will happen when I have kids, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Granted, I could work around the beard, but–as I mentioned about procrastination–decisions regarding costumes are rare.

The reasoning continues:  professional appearance in regard to job interviews.  A final reason:  the damn Giants.  Maybe my friggin’ football team will start doing better if I shave it off.  “Very superstitious…”

So, last night, this is how it went:

Here is the video: https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10100285807052411

It was a fun process, but frustrating. I am so glad that I am not a disposable razor.  I stopped at the moustache.  Why?  Because I can.  Duh. I took the picture below, in all white with a backdrop of white (a door) to accentuate the moustache itself.  It makes sense that way.

That video has been posted to various social media mediums.  It’s funny.  It’s stupid, but it’s funny.  There was second guessing on my part, but my caving in did happen.  It’s fine to be thought foolish and stupid.  It’s a cheap laugh, but I’m comfortable enough to have the audacity to do so.  Cheap laughs or head shakes are better than redundant fart jokes.


It was the evening of the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and a group of friends gather to watch it.  In college, we had The Sopranos, and every Sunday evening 20-some-odd of us got together to watch the show.  After college was over, my family turned the show into family TV night, which would occur after Sunday Dinner.  Italians:  you gotta love us.

Needless to say, beneath the hair of the beard waited a dormant moustache.  It’s not a full-blown moustache, of course, but it does make a powerful statement.  I wore it over to Dan’s parents’ house as an additive to for the party; bringing food to pass, the moustache went well with the chips and salsa.  At 8:40, I walked over wearing sunglasses and the hoody over my head.  It didn’t faze anyone until the words, “Hey, Dan, I shaved by beard,” escaped my mouth.  He looked over and started laughing.  Needless to say, we had a field day with this.  Dan couldn’t stop staring.

Before the show, I went for a walk with mom, and we ran into a neighbor, someone who I’ve never met before.  This was after the partial shave, leaving me feel like a creep.  However, the awkwardness passed, and it was laughed off.



The picture above is of Dan and I, smoking cigars and sipping Jameson.  The second is a pumpkin that he “carved” that same night.  Is the latter picture a joke?  Hmm?  To be determined…

This is how we roll, kicking off the season to The Walking Dead.  We highly enjoyed the premiere, but we weren’t 100 percent pleased after it was over.  The pluses:  time had passed since last season, more characters have been introduced and two were killed off immediately, and the characters are consistent.  What I was not happy about:  Carol calling Daryl “Pookie,” the hokey aura surrounding zombies falling through the ceiling of the store and ensuing fight sequence, Tyreese is acting like a bitch (I will not be taking dating advice from him), and Carol calling Daryl “Pookie.”

Really, Carol?  Really?  Daryl LIKES the pet name it on top of it; he smiled and said nothing to contest.  As the season previews look, Tyreese’s longevity does not look promising.  Man up, Tyreese!

Upon thy awakening this morning, looking into the mirror disturbed me a little bit.  My glasses, tussled hair, and moustache did not make an ideal combination for appropriate appearance.  The moustache has been shaved off, thankfully.

Speaking of unnecessary facial hair, zombies, and the apocalypse, here is just a brief mention of This is the End, which I finally came around to watching it the other night.  It was alright.  The movie wasn’t superfluously entertaining in all honesty.  The story faltered.  The beginning is a great build, the meat of it is poorly written and boring and drawn out and redundant (before Jonah Hill is possessed), and the climax/resolve is rushed.  Danny McBride plays himself, playing every fictitious role he has ever played (this is probably on purpose), but it’s just damn annoying.  Jay Baruchel plays his I-am-in-several-movies-but-still-have-not-made-a-name-for-myself role, accentuated by Franco’s overstating that Jay is the forgotten one.  Rogan plays out his same roles, which is foreshadowed and made known at the very beginning of the film (I applaud his role in this).  Craig Robinson played the stereotyped token black guy, but he kicks ass in the film.  I simply enjoy James Franco, hands down.  Jonah Hill has the best role of the whole movie.

The movie is well written in the sense that it touches upon redundancies of apocalyptic movies, and it does a great job of making fun of each and every horror movie ever made.  Whether it was hyped up by media or my friends, it wasn’t a movie to write in full detail about or purchase for that matter.

On that note, referencing more things coming to an end, How I Met Your Mother is on tonight, and The Blacklist is on after.  Paul and I will be enjoying a craft beer we have not had before; he picked up some Gannon’s Downtown Turnaround ice cream as a treat.  In between the two shows, we will be playing some Nintendo 64 Goldeneye.  A great night awaits!!!

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