Spy, Baby… I Wish

To kick things off, I have to express a guilty pleasure of mine.  I don’t know why “Royals” by Lorde is so friggin’ catchy, but it is.  Recently, I began following a blog, papergong, which posts viral YouTube videos.  On papergong, there is a video by Beef Seeds, a bluegrass band, performing their rendition of “Royals.”  Being a fan of folk and bluegrass, I love this more than the original.  Well, kind of–the original is original.  The kid, Lorde, seems to have a good start.  Let’s be optimistic and hope that she doesn’t succumb to the bullshit of stardom.

My father and I love our stories and movies. so tonight we watched a good number of flicks to entertain ourselves.  We took a break to put the hard top on mom’s Jeep, but that’s about it.  We dismissed the horribly awesome The Return of the Living Dead, the cheesy adaptations of Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift and Silver Bullet, but we did settle on watching Cujo (which isn’t terribly bad).  Between my father and I, our movie collections cover all the genres and cover several years.  My father owns more action movies than me, but I tend to have the quality films over the just because movies.  I am able to admit that a few duds are in my possession, because we all have those moments where simple entertainment and noise are necessary.

Of all the films at my parents’ house–this excludes mine since they’re still packed up–I opted for an action.  You’ll make fun of my choice, but it doesn’t matter to me.  Hitman (2003).  Hey, I enjoy Timothy Olyphant.  The movie is shitty, aside Tim (and yes, I am allowed to call him that), because there are many loose ends that were never cleared up.  The movie is nowhere as interesting as the video game–plus, Willem Dafoe provides 47’s voice in the game.  If I were to get another video game console, I’d definitely consider an XBox for the Halo and Hitman series.

The games were complex, and they had good stories.  You could kick ass and take names, but there was strategy.  Olyphant’s version simply kicks in the door and kicks ass with very little strategy. The history of 47 in the movie was pretty cut and dry; aside a little mystery, you are uninterested in the history.

I love a good spy movie, or game–in the latter, you’d start over if you failed.  There is complexity.  Personally, watching others play video games were primarily for this purpose.  While watching video games, you’re able to see a story play out.  Since yours truly wasn’t/isn’t privy to some video games, it saved myself and everyone from a lot of frustration.  However, I blame the writer in me; I want to pay attention to the scenery, detail, and plot.

This would be a perfect spot to go into a fictional segue, but I’ll save that for another time.

When I am moving around, out and about, I’ll use my perspective strangely.  Looking out of the corners of my eyes when I pass people or things, I’ll move my eyes quickly from one object to the next.  I’ll scan over people looking up and conversations in the distance.  Like a camera following an actor in an independent film (let’s say), we’ll understand his perspective before the camera pans out and shifts from the first to third person.

What is felt? Rushed? Intrigue?  What about the person looking up or over at you?  Are people listening to your conversations as you are to theirs?

This helps develop writing, stories, and skills.  However, this is best done when you aren’t on a date or with other people; you’ll want to pay attention to your company, unless your company wants to partake in the entertainment as well.

The next part would be coming across more mystery and spy movies.  The first Mission: Impossible movie adaptation (yes, the one with Tom Cruise), was fantastic–mystery, suspense, and a detailed plot.  Brick, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has a great film noir appeal to it.  Thank you, Zach, for introducing me to that movie years ago; it was the decision maker, convincing me that JGL is a fantastic actor.  If you haven’t seen Brick yet, I highly recommend that you do.

How fun would it be–this is all hypothetical–to be that spy on a mission.  Gals, you can definitely do this as well, but since I cannot speak on behalf of you…. Guys, how great would it be to be on that mission, attending extravagant parties, packing heat, meeting the femme fatale, meating the femme fatale after you briefly got to know her, meeting the woman you’re destined to be with and meating her after everything is all sorted out (if you’re lucky like James Bond, the woman of interest gets offed, which leaves you no choice in having to meet another, and maybe another, and so forth), kicking some ass and more ass, and then everything works out in the end.

Aparently, a couple people told me that I look like Sean Connery, which references a recent post, GoldenEye for an Eye.  However, this is only true if you take a quick look.

Just to be clear:  I am very much against cheating or polygamy.  Never shall I do that.

Secondly:  women would make excellent spies.  Why?  Intuition.  The crimes would have been solved much faster with women due to their intuition.  Look at Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.  Okay, so maybe she wasn’t a spy; she did solve crimes, and you have to definitely take that into consideration.  A woman and her intuition would sacrifice plot and story, but whatever.  Once again, women get another victory.

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