Marketing, Anxiety, and Failure

The support of local radio is important.  Granted it’s free radio, but you should be appreciating what the stations do for you:  providing you with fun morning banter, news, and great music.  The frustration with certain songs and artists being played over and over again can become redundant to the point of annoying, and this can be frustrating to you; I completely understand this.

I play favorites with NPR, WCNY radio, and Galaxy Communications (K-Rock, TK99, and Sunny 102).  There won’t be calling out individual stations to bash them; however, I do disagree with the listeners that another rock station caters to, which ultimately allows me to dislike that radio station itself.  If this were to be put into figures:  I disagree with this station 95 percent of the time for the X amount of times that my fingers click over to the station.

Did you see what I did there?

However, I was caught in the middle of an event this weekend, which there wasn’t a care to be a part of; however, it was tolerated (for a little bit).  This station that I’m not an avid listener of hosted a Bar Crawl on TIpperary Hill in Syracuse.  At the end of the crawl, or walk, but this should have been a preferred stagger with all puns intended, there were two bands to round out the early evening.  One band, which was inside Rosie’s was great; the band outside, the band set up in the parking lot of this sport’s bar, was shitty.  The inside band started off with a typical classic cover of Clapton’s “Cocaine,” but followed unconventionally with Sublime and “Sinister Kid” by The Black Keys.

Courtesy of Reluctant Writer Girl

The night was marketed as a Zombie Crawl.  For me to get excited about an event, the people have to put said event on has to go all out and be excited about it.  They have to cater to their crowd, because they don’t want to lose their “listeners.”

However, when you propose a Zombie (Bar) Crawl on Tipp Hill, you have to go kinda big.  Due to my not participating, I am unsure of the bars they went to, or what went on.  I know there was a makeup artist doing a terrible job of Zombifying people with half effort pale faces and (what looked like) scratches.

Now, if I were to have a project that was essentially my baby, I would see it through.  I know that I would have a hard time with the clients messing it up or participating with a half effort.  This is where my anxiety kicked in.  These were the issues that I had with the night:

  • The small two-inch by two-inch fliers with a black background and red lettering, because that’s SUPER easy to read.
  • Out of hundreds, there were probably two or three people with decent zombie outfits.
  • ZIPPERS, although they may make a great makeup design look cool or interesting when making believe the person’s epidermis is being lifted, ARE NOT PART OF HUMAN SKIN.
  • The kid in the powder blue H&M V-neck T-shirt with his face painted.  Enough said.
  • The people (yes, there were more than one) with no face paint, no fake blood, but they wore T-shirts reading:  I (Heart) Brains, but instead of having a picture of a heart where the (Heart) is supposed to be, it was a poorly drawn brain.
  • The people who simply showed up at the bar after the crawl and got their face poorly painted.
  • The quasi-hard-rock-but-wants-to-be-metal band outside, the suckier of the two, that turned Blur’s “Song 2” into a pop version.  Enough said.

Maybe it’s me… Well, yes it is.  It’s definitely my age, and it could be my not wanting to be a regular of the social scene that is associated with this area that is Tipp Hill.  However, I felt sympathy.  I rooted for success and actually had expectations for something that I didn’t want to be part of.

Just because a large quantity of people participate in an event, and let’s reference this event, the 95 percent of them will be partaking in the event is simply just there and tagging along.  This says nothing towards success.  However, in the grand scheme of things, it is a success.

Just had to get this off my chest despite it being a lose-lose for me.

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