One-Minute Challenge

Thank you to Reneé for posting about the (yes, TheOne-Minute Challenge.  Her creative and healthy living blog is Bendiful.  Once again, my distractions get the best of me, and the decision to link this post and write off of it put everything else on hold.

It is said that a lot can happen in a New York Minute.  A lot can happen in an Upstate New York Minute as well; this is true, of course, for other cities and regions as well.  Our lives are hectic, and it doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from.  Thoughts run round our minds constantly, and there are plenty of instances–this is especially true for the expert multitaskers–where we can push the limits and yield that feeling of being overwhelmed.  It is recommended, suggested, demanded, prescribed, and/or implied that we take time off.  Like me, there are many of people out there who feel anxious if they aren’t doing something.  Sometimes mindless, numbing television programs just don’t cut it.

Meditation asks a lot, and several people may give up on this.  It’s frustrating not being able to focus, or think that focusing cannot be done.  Training your body and mind to feel this way is time consuming.

Reneé’s post suggests that you take a minute of your time to not think.  This can be done daily, and at a specific time; consistency does help.  However, if you so choose, this one-minute can be done a few times a day if need be.  The important thing is to give this a try daily.  As previously stated, it will be difficult at first, but once you get past the awkward preliminary stage(s), you’ll crave it more.  This one minute of solitude will probably change your whole day.

Put your troubles, worries, and anxieties aside.  Relax.

A lot of relaxation can happen in that minute.

Eventually and after practice makes perfect, perhaps you can expand on the one-minute requirement and possibly attend meditation classes.

You’re mind and body will thank you.

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