Pork and Phish, Economically

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que was born and raised in Upstate New York.  Before the Phish show at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester something had to be put in my stomach, and pulled pork was the way to go.  Saying Upstate is a general to say that since I’m from Syracuse, and I should be boasting the franchise’s original establishment is in Syracuse.  However, despite playing favorites and having a local state of mind, this mentality should not be subjected to strictly Central New York in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s look at a bigger picture for the moment.

Cooperation is what it’s all about.  You can do the Hokey Pokey by yourself, shaking your limbs all about, but doing this dance solo is awkward and strange to onlookers.  Yes, it’s important to keep money flowing around the area of the United States (or world for that matter) that you live in.  We want a better economy.  We want to create jobs.  We want to keep people around.  However, and we are going to simply say Syracuse for the sake of saying it, we’re part of a state; we want this state to survive.  This state (New York) is part of the United States, which we want to survive.

Yes, for the latter statement, we really do.

It doesn’t hurt to be selfish in terms of buying products from your local area.  Buying local will benefit the local economy, which will benefit the state you live it, which will—ultimately—benefit the United States.  Yes, it’s understood that you have heard this before, but metaphorically beating you upside the head with it doesn’t hurt.

So, there we have it:  consciousness and teamwork.

Any business has to have an essential team, which is made up of people who have to be trusted to do their job and represent the company.  There are these high standards that can have to be met in some method or fashion.  In the grand scheme, every little bit helps, and this includes the little things.  This post is not going to follow with going into customer service or etiquette.

Something small happened last night that got me smiling about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.  As I walked over to the table where a couple guys were dishing out pork sandwiches and platters (pork sammy with beans and veggies), they both smiled and one asked me what he could do for me.  This kind gesture is fantastic, but not what got my attention.  After serving me the sandwich, they directed me to the table with the utensils and sauces; this reassurance wasn’t it either.  To make the record clear:  Wango Tango is my set choice of sauces.

After finishing my sandwich, I enjoyed an Ithaca Cascazilla with my friends.  The server patted me on the shoulder, and as he walked by he asked, “How was your sandwich?” (which I answered and thanked him for), and “Is there anything else that I can get for you?”

Bam.  There it is.  That gem of customer service etiquette is award winning.  “Is there anything else…” means everything else.

Phish (Black & White)

Phish put on a great show.  This was my second time seeing them.  My admitting this will cause all the Phish fans on Instagram, those who favored my posts, to Un-Like that picture and video of mine.   Aside loving to travel and explore, it’s rare that travelling over three hours will be done to simply see a band.  No, it’s not lazy.  I have Albany, Saratoga, Canadiagua, Rochester, Buffalo, and Ithaca amongst others in my vicinity.  That’s all I need.

Anyways, so you all may dislike me because to you I am viewed as being not that big of a fan.  Their music is in my possession; relax.  Whose idea was it to say you are better than someone simply based off the fact that you’ve seen a certain band in concert X amount of times?  I’ve eavesdropped on heated discussions about this.  No, I’m not kidding.

I’ve purchased Phish’s music, which means it’s listened to.  I’ve seen them twice.  How am I not a fan?

My first attended Phish show a handful of years ago at the Onondaga County War Memorial; it was mind blowing amazing.  This show wasn’t as up to par as that one.  Hey, there are good shows and bad shows, and people are allowed to have their opinions.  This was clearly Page’s show; he rightfully stole it.

The one and only encore:  “Joy” and “First Tube.”  This duo doesn’t make the greatest show ender.  “Joy” is a great song, but it’s not exciting.  The only song that I personally did not want to hear was “First Tube.”  The song always seems to be an easy go-to.  While walking back from the show, Chris and I (no, I’m not talking in third person about schizophrenia) felt that it’s a good mid-set song, if the set is going really well.

The first set was ended with “Character Zero,” which I was pleased about.  The crowd was into it, and they tied up the first set nicely.  My favorite song of the night was Talking Head’s “Crosseyed and Painless.” What are your thoughts?  Here is the rest of the set list (courtesy of a buddy of mine, Rick):

SET 1:  AC/DC Bag, The Moma Dance, Axilla, Meatstick, Kill Devil Falls, Scent of a Mule, Timber (Jerry) > My Friend, My Friend, Halfway to the Moon, Maze, Character Zero

SET 2:  Crosseyed and Painless > Light > Golden Age > Birds of a Feather, Haley’s Comet > Possum, Bug >Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

ENCORE:  Joy, First Tube

Phish Pink
Phish, Blue Cross Arena 22nd Oct. 2013)
Phish Blue
Phish, Blue Cross Arena 22nd Oct. 2013)

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