Just Yes.

Yes, and that is all.

This makes you feel good, saying yes.  You are ready.  You are able.  You’re all about saying Yes.

However, when it comes down to it, the No is somehow anticipated.  The No is exciting, and we seem to thrive off of it.  We cannot resist, and we cannot deny the opportunity to say No.  There are only two letters to this word, which makes it that much more of a simple word to say.

It’s fun, denying.  It’s easy to break hopes, dreams, aspirations, inquiries, etc. all with a simple flick of the tongue:  No.  All that is required is a simple puff of air from our lungs.  There is no sigh of relief.  The gratification is simply temporary, and the duration is usually uncertain.  You break hearts.  You burst bubbles.  No.  It is what it is.  One and done.

Yes, however.  There is a sigh of relief, and there is instant prolonged gratification.  There is a smile that forms upon your face.  Yes.  Even the negative.  You had a terrible day, and you cannot wait to go to bed and sleep the rest of it off.  Yes.  Instant smile.

Yes.  You please others and you please yourself.

Yes.  You are willing to try.  You are willing to risk.  You anticipate success.


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