Adirondack Mountain Casino? No.

Let’s get political.

I made a stink on Twitter yesterday about deforestation in the Adirondack Mountain area regarding a casino and otherwise.  Yes, you can call me a tree hugger, but the environment is important to me.  Before man evolved on Earth, there was nature and nothing but nature.  Yes, I believe in evolution; sure, God did create us in his own image according to The Bible, but we need to consider something.  If God is perfect, and we—as individuals—are far from perfect, saving the fact that we will eventually gain perfection (hence, the G-O-D), then we have to evolve our way there.

If God didn’t have a cruel and sarcastic sense of humor, he would have never bestowed this upon us.

This religious concept is neither here nor there.  However, throughout my entire life I’ve loved the environment, which was illustrated in high school when I was Vice President of the E.C.O.S., the environmental club.  My consideration/decision to go to Paul Smiths College was edged out slightly by SUNY Oneonta, where I majored in Secondary Education and Biology until failing calculus twice convinced me otherwise.  Still I held on to nature and environmental adoration.

This makes me no expert, but I’m passionate about this.  As a side note:  the more biodiversity an area has, the more sustainable the area is.  This range can span as large as biomes and as small as ponds.  The more we take away, the less likely something is to survive. I completely understand that 200-250 acres is a small patch of land in the Adirondack Mountains, so othis may be a bit dramatic for me to say, but it’s the absolute truth.

The state or whatever wants to clear out 200 acres of land in the Adirondack Mountain area for a casino and miscellaneous usage.  I understand that this is a small chunk of land that is the ADK.  The I understand has been underlined, because critics will read over this post without considering what I wrote.

A conversation was had with someone, who replied with my comment with:  “You forget people live in the Adirondacks and not just trees.  This will bring jobs and help struggling towns and people.”

To that:  No, I do not forget about the people.  Secondly, a casino doesn’t employ that many jobs.  I understand that the winter months make up a very slow and unprofitable part of the year, which is concerning to me.  The economy and aid for the Adirondack area, nature aside, seems to be overlooked much of the time.

“The park is supposed to be a balancing act between nature and people.  Nature is winning, people and towns are losing.”

I commented back on that odd statement, but I will not now.  All that will be written is:  How is Nature winning?  People come from all over in the nice weather to enjoy the nature.  If the people lose, nature loses.  This should be a symbiotic relationship; Nature is not parasitic to humans.

“The park is six million acres. Even with the casino you can still enjoy nature and outdoor activities.”

Of course, you can.  However, a casino does not need 200 acres, and open mine areas only mean idle work being done.  Current open mines are in the early stages of being overgrown.

On a positive note, building a casino will be beneficial in some aspects.  For instance:  some jobs will be created, but they aren’t exactly careers.  The construction/deforestation crews will complete their job and leave.  Who knows if this company would be a New York State company (a typical move would bring an out-of-state company to do the dirty work–not good).  With more gambling, more funding will be designated to New York State Education. Our State Education system needs help… more than one casino can accomplish.

Children should not be looked at as statistics.  That’s all I am saying on that.

However, people go to a casino to simply go to a casino.  They stay in the casino’s hotel, and they eat the casino food.  Upstate New York in the winter is… well, winter.  There temperature is cold to unbearable (as some people describe this cold) is snow everywhere.  No one, if they are not winter people, will be venturing out and away from the casino/hotel with the exception of the snow lovers.  These snow lovers, the skiers and the folk who love to strap on those snowshoes, will venture out.  When you put things into perspective, concerning casinos, the strength in numbers would be on the shoulders of the idle casino game players than the active outdoor lovers.

Sure, during the nicer weather people may venture away from the casino, but it will only be in the nicer weatherOne casino will not significantly help struggling towns in the Adirondacks.  It may buffer some costs, but it won’t be a dramatic difference.

Casinos build into bad habits.  Gambling is an addiction for many people.  In my opinion, sitting for hours in front of screen isn’t productive by any means.  Yes, writing is an idle activity as well, but this is a mental exercise; I compensate with physical activity.  Also, many people who should not be gambling are gambling.  Get my drift.

If there is to be one built, there needs to be an agreement.  People will have to talk things out.  Specs and costs will have to be greatly considered.  There is no reason to have idle land, and the 200-250 acres is bologna.  Deforestation takes away from trails, fun, and wildlife.  Northern New York is for the outdoors lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Competition is ideal.  How about putting up another casino in the Utica/Rome area?  Sure Turning Stone wouldn’t have it, but that’s business.  Get that stretch that I-90 passes through booming again.  Aside Turning Stone, which seems to develop a new venue or addition a couple times each year, there isn’t much going on aside Saranac Brewing Company, Utica College, and the plethora of incredible local restaurants.  I don’t know, but could Utica/Rome turn into our own version of Las Vegas or Atlantic City?  Building more casinos in that area, buiding more resorts, more venues, more options will create more jobs than a solitary casino in the Adirondacks.


Competition.  Since our Upstate goal (this includes a boast by Destiny USA) is to reach out to the Canadians and out-of-state visitors, how about we attract them to Utica/Rome before they go to Atlantic City?  Develop the area, and people will come.  More money?  Develop more.  Not a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “Adirondack Mountain Casino? No.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Despite not making references to published work or editorials, I had to get this off my chest, especially when somone tweeted back to me that “nature is winning.”

      The gloves came off.

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