Month: October 2013

Just Yes.

Yes, and that is all. This makes you feel good, saying yes.  You are ready.  You are able.  You’re all about saying Yes. However, when it comes down to it, the No is somehow anticipated.  The No is exciting, and we seem to thrive off of it.  We cannot resist, and we cannot deny the opportunity…

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Pork and Phish, Economically

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que was born and raised in Upstate New York.  Before the Phish show at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester something had to be put in my stomach, and pulled pork was the way to go.  Saying Upstate is a general to say that since I’m from Syracuse, and I should be boasting the franchise’s…

Phish (Black & White)

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One-Minute Challenge

Thank you to Reneé for posting about the (yes, The) One-Minute Challenge.  Her creative and healthy living blog is Bendiful.  Once again, my distractions get the best of me, and the decision to link this post and write off of it put everything else on hold. It is said that a lot can happen in a New…

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Posting Fiction: A Quandary

There was an elaborate plan to post more fiction.  The recent post, which was supposed to be for yesterday, started out with a song, but not me singing (you can thank me for that), and the story flowed from there.  The concepts from recent posts had got my mind generating thoughts and ideas; the idea unfolded like a…

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Marketing, Anxiety, and Failure

The support of local radio is important.  Granted it’s free radio, but you should be appreciating what the stations do for you:  providing you with fun morning banter, news, and great music.  The frustration with certain songs and artists being played over and over again can become redundant to the point of annoying, and this can be frustrating to you; I…


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Spy, Baby… I Wish

To kick things off, I have to express a guilty pleasure of mine.  I don’t know why “Royals” by Lorde is so friggin’ catchy, but it is.  Recently, I began following a blog, papergong, which posts viral YouTube videos.  On papergong, there is a video by Beef Seeds, a bluegrass band, performing their rendition of “Royals.” …

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Poem by Kevin Varrone

Taking a break from writing, because everyone deserves a break at times.  The consistency of writing has been great, and yesterday’s post was lengthy.  This is partially writer’s block, but it’s not entirely the reasoning behind the break. Spontaneity and creativity–spontaneous creativitus as it’s been scientifically designated binomally–can happen at any moment.  This is not just true…

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