Month: October 2013

Ginsberg and Voice

Well, this takes the cake.  This post had been written yesterday, which illustrates my planning ahead with this 31-day challenge.  It was intended, this morning, to look over the post and correct any mistakes and add on/take out information.  However, to my dismay, the introduction was missing.  Worse things can happen, but now it’s starting from…

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Thoreau and Ideas

This was snagged from a blog a follow, Reluctant Writer Girl: With the brief mention of Henry David Thoreau in yesterday’s post, the notion prompted me to continue with him.  It would be idealistic if these posts that I write could segue from one day to the next, like the songs on an album which blend…

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The Nature of It

Well, I am going to be honest with you about my almost forgetting what day it is.  It’s October 1st, which means today is the day of Armageddon… err, no, not really.  (Just because the government is shut down, it does not mean you stop living your life.)  it’s the first day of the 31-day challenge that…

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