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There is no reason to go into detail about the benefits of improv.  Taking improv classes and performing improv can benefit anyone in several way as far as communication, listening, personal growth, acceptance, and in other fields.  Practice makes perfect, and this can be useful to help someone step out of their shell, gain confidence, and tap into their creative side.

Here is a video of Mick Napier (“A Place of Yes”) going through the basics of improv, which was sent to me through another Syracuse Improv Collectivist, Stephen.  He is hosting the Collective’s next round of classes, which start tonight.


Sure, you may say that you can’t do this, but you can.  The most difficult part is allowing yourself to open up and try something new.  We are not going to force you to perform on stage if and after you take our classes; this is for you to determine.  This is why we have an open mic night every month, which gives you an opportunity to perform/practice in a judgement-free space.  When you personally feel comfortable to perform, we’ll give you the opportunity to jump on stage; you’ll love the rush, performance high, or whatever you want to call it.

So, watch the video above.  This is essentially how we do.

Our upcoming Bank Show nights will be Friday, November 29th and December 27th.  The shows are held at The Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall, and they will begin at 8PM.  Shows are only $5.

Our next open mic night, commonly referred to as Non SICuitur Thursday, is November 14th at 8 PM. The venue will be The CNY Playhouse as well.  The cost is only $3.  The December Non SICuitur Thursday is December 5th.


8 thoughts on “Yes Everything

      1. Hey, you should try to start it back up again. I’m not sure where you’re living, but if there are two improv companies in Syracuse (of all places), NY, I am sure there has to be some near you.

        (Oh, look at me, promoting improv. Haha!)

      2. Haha! I’ll definitely try to find something around here. My friends would actually probably love it too. I live near Boston!

        Haha, you SHOULD promote it. You’re so right about all the benefits of it. Especially people with stage freight. It’s a good way to get people to loosen up.

      3. It helps with business, communication, and it’s a cure to bring the extrovert out of an introvert.

        Communication is a biggie, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships, familial, and in the realm of dating… It’s definitely helped with dating (for me anyways… perhaps these women I pick need a dose of it).

      4. Definitely. Met a couple nice… scratch that… great 30ish improv women in NYC, courtesy of my friend (and thank you, John). Improv stems a whole new breed of women… this is a good thing for all women reading this with improv experience.

        Having an “improv date” would be fantastic, because anything could happen. Improv at the table could mean “creating a scene” and/or messing with those in the vicinity.

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