Would It Be Right

Would it be right
to simply say yes to live, dream, imagine, succeed
from the perils of being at the bottom
from trying and failing and trying again
knowing that a better, happier person always comes out on top[?]

Would be it right
to flip a table in a coffee shop
to disrupt the silence generated
from the simple assumption
from an unknown text
stating the taboo of talking ruckus[?]

Would it be right
to randomly kiss a stanger
to fill a void, an aftermath from a spark of audacious curiousity
from a gut feeling of creative adoration
from seeing a beautiful human
making symbiotic eye contact and a smile[?]

Would it be right
to burn a book
to hear those dying words scream in echoes
from authors breaking out of their coffins and
from authors building their own coffins, but
expecting all burned letters will give rise to an ashen exclamation point[?]

Would it be right
to exhibit an outlandish fit of reasoning tears
to showcase the point of break
from the anxiety of sinking
from simply standing in place
rationalizing this is not where they should be[?]

Would it be right
to jump once in place, as high as one can reach
to yell glamorously at the apex of such a feat
from being suspended, reveling upon the buoyancy
from a cloud’s coagulating water droplets
expecting to land into the source of an Earth rattling tremor[?]

Would it be right
to let your mind wander
to kill time while simply being wherever
from the first um to the last period
from a mouth of an unfettered drone
producing nothing but noise and false understanding[?]

Would it be right
to say it simply, briefly
to justly be understood
from being directly across and in the view of a robot nodding
from the fact that a little bit of humoring goes a long way when
prolonging the inevitability of deception will eventually delve into a disaster[?]

Would it be right
to [_________]
to [_________]
from [_________]
from [_________]
filling in the blanks, making it my/your/our own[?]

Simply, yes[.]

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