Currently, the most annoying song is…

This award goes to that damn “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha.  Yes, I said it.

Every time there is a conscious decision to change the station from a Galaxy Communications station to an other, because the stations don’t play the best songs all the time, that damn song is playing all the friggin’ time.  What the hell is the deal with it?  There is nothing to the song, and the beat isn’t even that great.

Before I continue, the only part of the song that makes any sense is Ke$ha’s chorus.  Simply said.  You’re welcome, Ke$ha, for the compliment.

When it comes down to it, Pitbull has been not stopping by using sampling from popular songs and utilizing cliche sayings to incorporate into his music.  His music, from what has been thrown out to the world as singles, are all the same when you actually listen to the lyrics.  Sex, drinking, flying in planes, and making money.  That’s it.  There is no poetic nature to any of this shit.  I use Sing 365 to find lyrics to songs, and I actually did some research into his lyrics.  Aside all his radio hits, all the allusions and ripoffs that he puts out there, he ruins Belafonte’s “Shake, Shake Señora,” tweaking the lyrics for his own buck.  Yes, this type of thing happens all the time; it’s completely understood.

We all Pitbull made himself by now, and we know he has money.  We all know he likes to fly in planes.  We all know he likes sex and drinking.  We know he likes to say that same word all the time.

I cannot believe I have wasted my time with this… Stupidity and redundancy baffles me.  If I had a dime for all the times that I’ve been cliche or redundant….

Either way.  There is going to be a day where I compliment the guy, but it doesn’t looklit it is anytime soon.  Until then, the next time I hear that song… I’m going to turn it up and drive angry.

Wait, don’t drive angry…

2 thoughts on “Currently, the most annoying song is…

  1. It baffles me that people even appreciate Ke$ha’s chorus. I mean they act like shes the only redeeming part of the song just because shes singing for once instead of doing her bratty white girl “rapping” when (A) her actual singing vocals are fucking cloyingly jarring and (B) shes been reduced to a chorus girl?

    Idk, I like Ke$ha but to me shes no better than Pitbull in this track. Its just lame.

    And I don’t understand her fanbase’s taste level at all. They liked the worst songs on Warrior the most (Dirty Love, Out Alive, All That Matters) and then bitched and moaned towards Crazy Kids and Die Young being too generic and not evolved enough than had the audacity to not want to buy tickets to her tour because it was joint with Pitbull who they claim to despise, YET THEYRE WETTING THEMSELVES OVER TIMBER LIKE ITS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS SHES DONE SINCE CANNIBAL. Like are you fucking kidding me. Crazy Kids is far from my favorite track of hers but its way better than this shit. Rant over.

    1. I totally agree. Although the chorus is the “redeeming” (for lack of a better word) part of the song, it’s nowhere near tolerable or should be praised.

      To test my theory, about an hour and a half ago, Timber was on two stations at once. To my dismay, I could not find a groundhog and a truck to steal.

      That rant is awesome. Thanks for the comment.

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