My Third Blog

The title of this post is to signify that I’m participating with a third blog.  Yes, I want to write; ergo, I shall.  This is also a blatant Scrubs reference since all of the episodes begin with My and are followed by a something or other.  Since this is another episode/chapter of my life, this is appropriate.Despite my technically being unemployed, I’m working with a friend, Craig, who has recognized my skills to conclude that I am reliable and a potential asset to his marketing business, Kinani Blue.  With this consideration, I am grateful.  The team I am working with are reliable people and a great group of guys.

Kinani Blue is a small marketing business which focuses on digital platforms, but still performs and produces traditional marketing.  It’s valuable for all business to have a significant digital/online/social media presence and we’re here to do this work for you while you’re busy doing what you do best:  developing and growing your business.

Whatever happens to me, even my hands get chopped off, I’ll still be wanting to participate with Kinani Blue.  Where there is a will to write, there is a way.

So, for those who read this blog, please check out my first two posts with Kinani Blue.  As always, please enjoy; feedback is always appreciated.  Aside these two posts, I’ll probably post a link to my third update.  This blog, along with my Twitter account (@Chris___Malone), boasts my own opinions and is not affiliated with Kinani Blue in any way (aside being the contributor to both).

Thanks, again in advance, for your reading!

Setting the Bar

Darwin’s Delicious Display 

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