My Type of Woman (Part ? of ?)

You all know I look at YouTube when it comes time to throw in music/videos.  Who doesn’t love a soundtrack?  I was working on a post, and Modest Mouse came up on Pandora.  YouTube was typed into the browser, and the search for that song was on my mind, because it is appropriate for the post.

Distraction presented itself.  A few days ago, it was noticed that this video was placed in the beginning of the website’s page.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Notice was taken last night, but the computer arrow (pen icon my computer due to my nerdy quirks) did not click on it.  Today, caving in took place.

What presented itself was a video, a poetic rant that describes me.  The speaker makes a good point:  who doesn’t love some good T & A?

However, in all seriousness.  If I was to be asked that question, what catches my attention the most, my answer would be is a beautiful set of eyes.  However, I find myself attracted to the girl, who is reading in the corner of a cafe or restaurat or park.  The one with the latte or with the glass of red wine in front of her.  The girl who wishes for that romance, but is not afraid to be independent.

4 thoughts on “My Type of Woman (Part ? of ?)

  1. Chris, Here’s a comment from an older, happily married guy. You may not be doing yourself any favors in the dating department with the line “who doesn’t love some good T & A?” Just saying.

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