2TG Twenty-Thirteen

It’s the time of the year again, November, a time where the true meaning of family and friends gathering for the holiday season begins.  Thanksgiving, the essential holiday shared by many and all, is at a constant struggle with Christmas–that Christian-based holiday, which is shared by only those who celebrate it.  Due to Black Friday and the monetary desire behind it, looms for weeks in advance, and this year the Christmas fervor began before Halloween.

That’s bullshit to me, and it’s confusing to children–especially children–about the true meaning of any holiday.  Christmas shouldn’t come earlier and earlier every year, which is has.  It makes me want to boycott it since the meaning of Thanksgiving is being boycotted for lack of a better term–perhaps significantly overlooked.  I’m not going to boycott, because I love giving for the Christmas season, but I’m just irritated.

The term 2TG was designated by my brother, his girlfriend, and their circle of friends, and it’s been going on for a handful of years.  Whether it is the Saturday before or after, he 20-some-odd friends gather up and contribute to make this celebration a big one.  This circle of friends is one to be reckoned with.

This was the first year that a deep-fried turkey was prepared, which was a huge hit.  The oven-baked turkey (yes, we had two) was succulent (such a strange word, but not as irritating as moist), but the craze for the fried turkey was rampant.  I think my brother was purposely cutting small pieces, because those passing by could not resist reaching in for a bite.

Here’s how things went down.  As always, pictures the pictures that were not taken by me are marked.

Let's (Begin To) Eat
Let’s (Begin To) Eat
My Homemade Salsa
Deep Fryin' in the Cold  (taken by Erin)
Deep Fryin’ in the Cold
(taken by Erin)
Elysian Loser
Elysian Loser Pale Ale:
My beer choice for the evening
Talkin' Turkey
Talkin’ Turkey



Our Hosts  (Taken by Erin)
Our Hosts
(Taken by Erin)
Our Cast of Characters
Table Talk: I Ruined This Picture (Taken By Erin)
Table Talk:
I Ruined This Picture
(Taken By Erin)
Table Talk #2
(Taken by Erin)
Table Talk #3
(Taken by Erin)
Table Talk #4
(Taken by Erin)



Aside the fresh salsa (if anyone wants the recipe, I’ll give it to you–it’s way too easy), the Elysian‘s Loser, and the Anyela’s Vinyards Cabernet Franc, yours truly put together a mixed CD.  The CD got a lot of compliments, so I feel like I have to pass that along.  Good music cannot be left out.

Life without a good soundtrack is incomplete.

2TG 2013 Mix

  1. Primitive Radio Gods – “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand”
  2. The Senators – “Lazarus”
  3. Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks”
  4. Squirrel Nut Zippers – “Lugubrious Whing Whang”
  5. Tessa Rose Jackson – “Lost and Found”
  6. The Decemberists – “Sonnet”
  7. Ray LaMontagne – “Hold You In My Arms”
  8. Alexi Murdoch – “The Ragged Sea”
  9. Gregory Allen Isakov – “Second Chances”
  10. El Ten Eleven – “My Only Swerving”
  11. The Beta Band – “Broke”
  12. Baby Bee – “High Heel Leather Boots”
  13. Rx Bandits – “Hope Is a Butterfly, No Net Its Captor (Virus of Silence)”
  14. Ball Park Music – “It’s Nice to Be Alive”
  15. The Push Stars – “Keg On My Coffin
  16. Daughter – “Youth”
  17. Death Cab For Cutie – “Cath…”
  18. Gomez – “See The World”
  19. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Shuffle Your Feet”
  20. Kings of Leon – “Arizona”
Dan Says G'Bye for Now.
Dan Says G’Bye for Now. This was my dad’s couch, which he purchased in the 1970’s. Still in tact, comfy as hell, and kickin’ retro style.

6 thoughts on “2TG Twenty-Thirteen

  1. Ahhh The Decemberists and home made salsa. Sounds like my definition of a good time. I haven’t listened to them in foreeeeever. You just struck a musical feeling in me today. Now downloading…

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