Several Minds, Copious Thoughts

The Versatile Blogger
The Versatile Blogger

Twice this month, I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award but CNY writer, Mark Bialczak (whose name I can now spell without having to look), and Lara, my new friend-from-around-the-bend in Massachusetts.  I nominated these two, because they deserve it.  Yes, I want to repay the favor, but I wouldn’t do this if they weren’t deserving.  There is great anticipation for waiting for updates from these two.

Central New Yorkers:  you are all familiar with Mark’s credible writing about music, movies, and entertainment; however, what you may not know, he has so much more to say.  Please check out his blog by clicking his name/link above.

This was not an easy duty to pick versatile bloggers, because I could have picked way more than 15 nominations.  For all the rules for nominating, please click the VBA badge above.  There are so many to choose from those that I follow.

Before I get into my list of nominations, one of the rules is having to write seven things about yourself to these bloggers who nominated you.  I think that I’ve been a pretty good open book, so this is going to take some time.

  1. I was born without the thyroid gland, so I have to take a pill every day.
  2. I was born on my maternal grandfather’s birthday, and my brother was born on my paternal grandfather’s birthday.
  3. My addictions:  Coffee (black), tea (with a splash of milk, but no sugar since I am sweet enough–har har har), M&M’s (especially Peanut), and argyle socks.
  4. I played soccer up until 10th grade when a bicycle accident requiring 15 stitches prevented me from making the JV team.  Due to required consistency and competition at West Genesee, I didn’t bother trying out again.  However, I still love futbol/soccer.
  5. An album that my parents had to pry from my hands as a child was Air Supply‘s Greatest Hits.  This was probably my mother’s album, but I don’t know what’s more shameful–my parents owned this or my obsession.
  6. I’m still to this day a Disney fan all the way.  My parents had to hide The Sword and the Stone and Alice in Wonderland on me (as a child, not now) all the time.  However, I would find them.  Childproof locks were no match for me either.
  7. Fast food is rarely eaten, and Taco Bell food was consumed last year for the first time in my life.  If this should happen again–this will be justified as my personal Kryptonite–I will definitely cave for a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.  Side note:  Due to Lent participation, I’ll only go to fast-food chains for desperation purposes, and I don’t drink soda.

My 15 pics (in no particular order):

(Yes, I know this is 16, but some rules are meant to be broken… especially true if said rule breaking is to benefit others)

11 thoughts on “Several Minds, Copious Thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for including me, and congrats on these! That’s crazy weird about the birthday thing– my Mom has something similar to that; She has the same bday as her Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother. Then I came along and ruuuuiiiiined everything 🙂

    1. Not a problem. I was finally getting around to the second half of notifying everyone about my nominating, but you beat me to the punch.

      Completely agree with it being legendary. I actually yelled out loud upon taking the first bite: “This is what I have been missing?!?”

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