Thanksgiving: A Break Down

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, safe Thanksgiving and–for those who celebrate–beginning of Hanukkah.

The holiday was kicked off and extended by meeting up and hanging out with two close friends:  John and Kaitlin.  John is a buddy of mine from high school, and he’ll probably be running The New York Times one day.  This is always stated, but it’s probably true.  He helped out on a Pulitzer Prize winning piece, and he is destined to have one of his own someday (soon). 

Kait is a close friend of mine from college; the other day, Kait and I found it entertaining to believe that we’ve known each other for over 10 years.  Time flies too fast.  We haven’t seen each other in a few years, but she is back in New York state.  One of the biggest highlights of our friendship was travelling to Ireland together (with a group) in 2010.

Strong Hearts Cafe in Syracuse
Strong Hearts Cafe in Syracuse

John and I hit up Tully’s for some of the world famous chicken tenders.  Kait and I found ourselves at Strong Hearts Cafe and Empire Brewing Company for dinner. 

Empire Brewing Company with Kait
Empire Brewing Company with Kait

This holiday season, all of the holidays included, is a time to be grateful for all the little and big things in your life, including:  friends, family, health, and having a roof over your head.  The bologna surrounding Black Friday deals and shopping starting on Thanksgiving Day is sickening, but it’s best not to dwell on such things.  There is some evil power out there to pry on the weak souls, causing those who fall into the trap to abandon the true meaning of spending time with your friends and family.

Let’s face it:  there has to be a catch.  These great deals have to be old or damaged models of whatever you seek.  They can’t be the best of their products.  There is a reason why there is such a thing called mass production.  But this is all my opinion.  After all, I am a terrible person for wanting to sit around with those I love, watch football games and movies, eat, play games, eat desserts and more turkey sandwiches, have some coffee, feel guilty about the calories and anticipate running the next day, play more games…

Oh, and laugh… laugh a lot.

Thanksgiving Morning in Syracuse
Thanksgiving Morning in Syracuse

Aside of counting calories (yeah, right…), I kept track of various other things I’ve accomplished throughout the day.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Awake time:  6:30 a.m.*
  • Driveways shoveled:  1
  • Number of cars brushed off:  3
  • Varieties of homemade humus consumed:  3
  • Times listened to “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie:  1
  • Times listened to The Last Waltz:  1
  • Times picked at the turkey before being scolded to stop or my hand slapped by my mom:  14*
  • Alcohol variety:  Elysian Loser Pale Ale, various red wines, shot of Baileys (in my coffee)
  • Alcohol consumed:  respectable (how else did I remember these stats?)
  • Number of times I gave the finger to any Black Thanksgiving advertisement heard or read:  too many and probably should confess to a priest
  • Curse words uttered, which includes these typed versions: F (1**), D (2), H (2), S (2 or 3)
  • Second helpings of any food:  0**

(* indicates a general record breaking statistic)
 (** indicates record breaking statistic for the better)
 (*** indicates record breaking statistic for the worse)

Dinner Vino
Dinner Vino: Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary (Merlot)

Granted, Merlot isn’t my most favorite wine, but I’m coming around to it (I guess?) The last few varieties that I’ve sipped have been “not too shabby.” But, if I were given a choice between a Merlot and another dry red…

That’s not how it goes, but I felt like I should up the ante by throwing that in there.

Hunkering Down at Home
Hunkering Down at Home


TONIGHT:  Reminder, reminder!  The Syracuse Improv Collective has a show tonight at the Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.  All tickets are only $5, and the show starts at 8 PM.  Since all the junk has been sifted through at the big retail stores, you may as well treat yourself to some local entertainment:  improv, stand-up comedy, and music.  There is a cash bar if you want a drinky poo

Also, today is Plaid Friday.  Please wear plaid to show simple support for your adoration for local community, initiatives, and business.  Small Business Saturday should not be exclusive to one day each year… Just like Valentine’s Day.  You should show your love on a regular basis to your locally-based shops and show your love to those who are close to you. 

If everyone in the United States would spend only $64 dollars a year on local or American-based goods, we would create and sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs.


One thought on “Thanksgiving: A Break Down

  1. Wow! Zero second helpings of any food? You’re a strong willed dude. Well done. Sounded like one hell of a great Turkey Day – Cheers.

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