Month: November 2013

Brohood Etiquette

 Bromance.  Broship.  Bro Code.  Brohood.  These concepts have been circling around my head for a couple days now. On Friday, not the day or tipping point in particular, Paul and I decided to head out to Armory Square for a couple pints.  We haven’t been out for a long while, and the last time we all (Carl…


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Hola! Before I get into some Phil Dunphy and Modern Family nonsense, here’s some music.  The song is “Claire” by Jimmy Eat World, which is off of the band’s 1996 album, Static Prevails. Enjoy! *     *     * In 1989, a young man asks a girl to go out with him, and she agrees to it. …

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Keys to Judging Others

Here’s some Operation Ivy to jump start your morning. This may be the second Operation Ivy song posted in this blog within a month. Oops. *     *     * Due to being in an odd state of professional limbo, fat was cut and my gym membership has been cancelled.  You’re thinking that I’m going to let…

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Would It Be Right

Would it be right to simply say yes to live, dream, imagine, succeed from the perils of being at the bottom from trying and failing and trying again knowing that a better, happier person always comes out on top[?] Would be it right to flip a table in a coffee shop to disrupt the silence…

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The Oliver Session

This is Oliver. In case you haven’t noticed, Oliver is a cat.  He’s an orange cat.  One day–I am sure of this–he’ll be a famous cat just like Garfield, Tigger, Hobbes, and… well… Oliver from the animated Disney film.  You’re probably thinking how ridiculous it is that I’m boasting about hanging out with another cat.  You’re probably accousing me…


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Yes Everything

There is no reason to go into detail about the benefits of improv.  Taking improv classes and performing improv can benefit anyone in several way as far as communication, listening, personal growth, acceptance, and in other fields.  Practice makes perfect, and this can be useful to help someone step out of their shell, gain confidence, and…

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