Month: December 2013

Illegitimate Bloggers

A rather large pet peeve of mine is legitimacy.  This blog, The Infinite Abyss(es), is full of my own thoughts and I do not consider myself an expert about health-related topics.  I do know blogging, and it’s easy to pick out the illegitimate bloggers when necessary.  These blogger liars can dupe readers into thinking the content…

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This One is for Paul

Be safe this New Year’s Eve. This song and video is purposeful in many reasons. When 80’s pop songs play in the background of a party, whatever you’re doing causes you stop whatever you’re doing and dance.  This is true for us white folk, who have no rhythm outside of what he (or she) has…

Woo Girls

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Rules For Writing

Originally posted on Renee DeAngelo:
Many writers make rules for themselves to stay on track. I came across Henry Miller’s writing rules at the link listed below. I’m working on developing some rules for myself to help increase and improve my writing in 2014. I’d love to hear any great ideas that have helped you…

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The Inventive Bloggers

Recently, the wonderful Don Charisma created the Inventive Blogger Award.  By following the links, you can get to his website and the specific post where this creation is explained. How about some music? The charismatic fellow Syracusan, Mark Bialczak,  nominated me and for this I’m still swimming in the excitement.  I’m joined with others here.  Unfortunately, I…

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Post-Christmas Christmas Post

For those who celebrate, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Let’s start out with my favorite “unconventional” Christmas tune.   I have to get on thanking and complimenting Mark Bialczak for nominating me.  Such an awesome writer and all-around Dude.  Mark abides. If I had to pick a favorite Christmas song it would have…

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Value of Weird

There’s been much talk about books recently.  It’s a sign.  It’s time to continue to write and type until my fingers fall off.  With all this work, my fingers have gotten a better work out than the rest of my body has, and that has to be stepped up a bit.  There are worse addictions.…

The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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