My December Begins

This morning, waking up and looking outside encouraged me to go for a run–the streets were clear, and the ground seemed to be less slippery.  After a fun-filled weekend, I was ready to take to the streets for my feet to pound some pavement.  Since the snow coverage, it is obvious the route around Woodland Reservoir would not be maintained for the walkers/runners of the community.  Taking to the streets of the old neighborhood and a nearby development would be the only logical route.

Running indoors is not fun in my opinion.  It’s worse than running in circles (the reservoir), but at least it’s just as easy to keep track of how far you run.

Looking at the clock, the cursor of the laptop rolled over it, and the date revealed itself as December 2nd.  This is hard to believe, being December; these reasons won’t be written for those feeling the same, because they already understand.  Time is just going to fly faster with the decent of December.  Yesterday, although it was a productive day, didn’t exist in retrospect.  Somthing happened, time skipped.

Reasoning behind the title(s).  There is a Linkin Park song which came out as a B-side in 2000, and it is called “My December.”  At the SUNY Oneonta campus in 2001, this was a song above all songs to listen to.  It’s the only Linkin Park song I actually enjoy listening to.  To be honest, I never had high hopes for the band, and this is all despite buying the band’s début album amidst my nu metal phase.  “One Step Closer,” I anticipated/hoped, would be their one-and-only hit to bring them to one-hit-wonder stardom.  Since then, they’ve put out a series of over-produced mainstream albums that contain songs that sound just like the previous one played, and this is especially true for their singles.

Before botching the song up for their Reanimation album in 2002, which was a ploy to make money (and they had me sold) by remixing their songs from the previous album, the song itself was a soft and honest melody.  The mix on the Reanimation album sounds like Optimus Prime swallowed and shit it out.  Yes, that is a little extreme, but at least I didn’t say Megatron.

Since my life has been playing out more like a comedy with appropriate drama, referencing my love for Scrubs, the title of my december posts will begin with My.  I don’t know how this will work on some of the fiction posts, but those can be exceptions; this way readers can figure out which is which.

Here’s to another chapter!

3 thoughts on “My December Begins

  1. Hah you know, I actually never “loved” Linkin Park, but obviously knew every word to their catchy radio hits. I’ve gone to see them for free a few times over the years and I met them at one show and I must say, they put on a HELL of a performance. “Waiting for the end” is a song that hits home. Argh now I have to listen to it.

    1. I’m sure they do put on a hell of a show, which interests me if I could see them for free. It just sucks tha mainstream has allowed me to dislike them.

      Plus, I cannot see them being jerks. For some reason, I figure them to be humble people.

      1. They are! They’re actually super humble. They never got into that crazy rock life that everyone else did. Especially now since they’re all married with families, they play their shows and go home to their fams. Super cute.

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