My Next Step (Part 1 of 2)

Thursday, the 5th of December, is our/the Syracuse Improv Collective’s final open mic night (Non SICuitur Thursday) of the year.  The show will be at the CNY Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.  We will be continuing this monthly series next year, because people have been increasingly interested in it.  They’ll be performances of  improv, music, and stand up comedy.  This open mic night is for all artists/performers to participate in, and there is nothing short of a supportive atmosphere.  We want you to show off your talent, and we want you to continue to do so.

Why stop something that you enjoy?

I will stepping up, trying something new:  poetry.  The poems and short prose are going to be pieces you may have seen and read, pieces you haven’t seen, and I may spout some creativity off the top of my head.  Some poems can be found here, at my fiction blog (Sporadic Attic), and some will be new.  Maybe I will read some poetry that has inspired me. There has never been a moment where I’ve gotten the courage to read my fiction aloud, but now would be the best time.

The pieces that I have chosen aren’t too extravagant, or weird for that matter.  The poems are free verse and prose won’t hurt your head.

The point of improv is to listen to others and build conversation on stage.  In life, it’s crucial to keep upping the personal ante, otherwise you’ll s(t)ink.  Life is about constantly growing.  Since there has been much personal growth this year, it would probably be best to end the year with accomplishing something that I have found difficult to do in the past.

I’ve effectively spoken off-the-cuff for the senator that I’ve worked for, but I never have had the courage to read my fiction and poetry.  This is strange, because why should an impromptu anecdote be comforting than what I’ve written?  It’s probably a personal thing.  However, now is the time to accept the sinking feeling of doubt and anxiety.  Despite writing, the consideration for what has been written is still deemed terrible in my eyes.  Sure, we’re our own worst critic.  If my writing sucks, please tell me.

I suck.  I love to fail.  There is nowhere to go but up.

Come one and all to the Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.  Come see what we’re about, and how you can participate; if not in improv, then come have fun on our monthly open mic nights.  You are even able to join us in an improv jam to get your feet wet and your mind interested enough to take some classes.  As stated:  there is no pressure, and we won’t hold you to anything.

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