Quit Looking For A Job

I’m playing a game of catch-up with reading blogs after a busy weekend. This one, fittingly, sits well with me.

The Buddha's Hotdog

For the last hundred years, give or take a few decades, technological productivity has been increasing exponentially, and the obvious implication of this is that it doesn’t take all of us to run the offices and the factories and the farms any more. The state of employment is like a game of musical chairs where the number of chairs keeps shrinking. Which is perfectly fine if you realize that there are plenty of other games you could be playing.

If you are looking for a job, or have a job but want to get a new one, try this on for size: instead of looking for a job, look for ways to make a difference and live a meaningful life.

Of course, if you make a difference and find meaning through the job you have (or intend to have), then this doesn’t apply to you. Here’s how you can tell…

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