Brooklyn Cafés, Manhattan Meets, East Village Ease

Brooklyn has sexy cafés.

Last Tuesday was splendid.  It started off with my asking fellow blogger, Emily, about good cafés to frequent in Brooklyn.  As if there weren’t enough, but it was my trying to decide which one to go to that was the problem, which freaked me out since time was an issue.  There was poor planning on my part.  However, I managed to go to all three places:  Konditori, Hungry Ghost, and Milk Bar (but on three separate days, consecutively Tuesday through Thursday).  A trip to Gorilla Coffee on 5th Ave was made Wednesday after a writing session at Hungry Ghost.

Becky and I went off to Fairway Market in Red Hook, which is THE market down there.  I know we upstaters love our Wegmans, but Fairway… that to me is a treat.  So many different products.  The fish smelled fresher.  The lighting seemed brighter as well; it was not as home-ish like Wegmans, but it wasn’t bright and dismal as Price Chopper and Tops.  The goods seemed to be better organized, especially the produce, and the placement seemed to be standard for them.  Often, I’ll go into my usual Wegmans location in Fairmount to find that my some of my go-to goods have been moved.  It’s true.  Plus, like snowflakes, all Wegmans stores layouts seem to be different.

Anyways, that is neither here nor there.

In the afternoon, my travels took me to Shnipper’s Quality Food.  A pet peeve of mine is the use of the words premium or quality.  They are bold (yet strange) adjectives used to classify things.  However, Scnipper’s was pleasantly surprising.  The $2 special on Brooklyn Winter wasn’t such a bad perk either.  The crispy chicken sandwich was absolutely delicious.  But the food wasn’t as half as good as the company.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Shnipper's Quality Kitchen
Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Shnipper’s Quality Kitchen

I met up with Bonita, who is one of the most kind-hearted and genuinely funniest people on the planet.  We started chatting via Twitter, because of our affiliation with the improv world, but our friendship solidified Wednesday.  Our conversation reached a highlighted point when I was posting about WittyWicks, which is a Central New York soy candle company.  Bonita joined in the conversation, and I said there would be one for her when we’d meet.  I followed through, and she was ecstatic, elated that the Egyptian Amber candle smelled good, but became leery that her boyfriend might burn it while she was not around.  Kudos to him.

We learned about each other’s pasts and our expectations for the future.  The love story between her and her boyfriend (I’ll leave his name out since I don’t know him just yet) was told, and the back story of how they ended up in New York.  We talked about writing and work.  We talked about The Business.  We caught up as if our friendship lasted for years, less questions and more elaboration.  We talked about how Saturday Night Live is going down the tubes, and the drama behind a crude statement by one of the cast members.  The show needs someone like Bonita to keep the flavor kicking and, well, the laughs continuing.  Importantly we simply talked about life.

The day was a little more than halfway over, and it was solid.

Bonita’s latest project is Terminal B.  Follow the link and enjoy!

Meeting someone, not local in Central New York, is–well, it’s fun to actually meet Twitter folk in the area for the first time as well, putting the face to the handle–strange and sometimes intimidating.  Schnipper’s brings friends together apparently.  We hung out for a few hours before parting ways.  Bonita had shit to take care of, and I had to prepare to reunite with a friend, Lesley, who I hadn’t seen in about a decade.

Lesley and I met in high school and through a friend, Liz, who worked with me at the M.O.S.T.  They were part of the Baldwinsville crew that I had the privilege of hanging around with; of course, the hang out spot was (good ol’) The B’ville Diner.  When she didn’t have a date to her Senior Prom/Ball, I gratefully stepped in.  Now, it’s time to embarrass her a little bit.

Lesley and I
Prom Dates in 2002

It’s all over Facebook, so there really is no embarrassment.  We met at Bua, which is located on St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan.  This was the first time I took a few trains to get from A to B, and it was brought to my attention that taking the L Train meant that my time in adventuring through New York was a successful one.  The Shootyz Groove song by the same name popped into my head on top of it all.

Riding on the train, riding on the L Train
I got no problems no more, no
Riding on the train, cruising on the L Train
I will reach my destination for sure, I know

Bua is/was a great experience, and it’s dimly lit for the romantics and perfectly fashionable for the casual night out.  It’s my type of bar, a step above casual.  I’m still not used to the bright light emitted on the phones for camera pictures.

Lesley and I at Bua, Manhattan
Lesley and I at Bua, Manhattan

Lesley was with her friend Leah, and I got the skinny on their roles in the communication fields within hospitals and health care.  The important thing was to see Lesley, and to catch up.  Some time in the night a joke was made about how the two women seemed to parallel each other similarly to twins, which they got all the time.

The same night, communication was going on between my cousins, specifically Greg, as well, figuring out a way to meet up in the following two days.  The two brothers live in Stuy Town.  Unfortunately, the three-and-a-half-day escape to New York flew by.  Seeing my cousins would have to wait until Christmas.  This was all completed on the way to a third venue on St. Mark’s Place (I met up with the two L’s at 10 Degrees, where their dinner bill being signed). Leah, Lesley, and I headed to Ryan’s Irish Pub for a night cap, and we were joined by their friend, Chris.  Conversation flowed, and it became known that Chris knew people from Syracuse; two people he knew especially well and they West Genesee High School as well.  He gave me their names, and my jaw dropped before stating that these were my cousins that I had mentioned easier in the night.

Making it home was a success without a hitch:  no excessive walking or extra trains.  (Finally.)

The Harold, essentially, had been completed with tying everything in all together.  The first sequence of scenes was unfamiliar, but it played out.  The second sequence was familiar, and the continuity flowed well from the first set; the story/day was just getting started and essential characters were being revisited and built.  The third set tied everything together.

When you let life roll on and let everything play out, everything comes together at the end of the day.

The thinking, analyzing is simply the improv mind at work.

8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Cafés, Manhattan Meets, East Village Ease

  1. This is precious, even though I could kill everyone I know for letting me out of the house with that prom hair. The dress could have been worse. Let’s not let another 10 years go by…xoxo

  2. This is precious, even though I could kill everyone I know for letting me out of the house with that hideous prom hair. The dress could have been worse. Let’s not let another 10 years go by!!! xo

  3. Aww Chris! It looks like you’re having so much fun! I’ve been to Wegmens a few times. It was the staple of my trips to see my brother in NY. Biggest grocery store EVER. And the beer section? Holy shnitzles.

    1. It was so much fun! I cannot wait to go back (even if it is for a permanent stay). There is so much romance in the city,

      Wegmans is the bomb. You cannot blame crazy Alec Baldwin ranting about how his mom doesn’t want to move from Syracuse because she’ll miss Wegs.

      The only issue with having to come back is catching up on all the blogs I follow. I think I am so far behind on yours as well. Life needs to slow down a bit.

      Hope you are doing well!

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