Illegitimate Bloggers

A rather large pet peeve of mine is legitimacy.  This blog, The Infinite Abyss(es), is full of my own thoughts and I do not consider myself an expert about health-related topics.  I do know blogging, and it’s easy to pick out the illegitimate bloggers when necessary.  These blogger liars can dupe readers into thinking the content they have written is ideal.

I will be not linking web pages, because this is my opinion and the things pointed out are based off of past experience.

In my opinion, you may have to have a Ph.D. in order to call yourself an expert.  However, having a Ph.D. only limits yourself to a certain field and not everything else in the world.  As a blogger, unless I know something for a fact, I will not leave it in here without explaining where I got the information from.  This is standard for all writers, but some writers/bloggers will not credit such sources.  This is especially true with quotes.  If I have a quote by a famous or not-so-famous person, I’ll say at the end of the post that the quote was found at such-and-such a website.

Last year, I wrote for a now-dissolved promotional website called … well, out of respect, I’m going to leave the name of the website out despite the fact that it can easily be looked up.

The Website was to boost all things Central New York, Rochester, and Cortland (the three places where its founder was most familiar with).  We didn’t manage social media accounts, but we promoted things going in and around these areas.  Essentially, think of Syracuse Guru, but on a novice level.  We were essentially competing with Mike, the brains behind Guru, which I wasn’t too keen with.  Mike Rotella has a great grasp on what he’s doing, and the thought of competition was placed in the back of my head.

Keep in mind:  I wasn’t getting paid, and I was never getting reimbursed for the the meals and the events I attended to write for this site.  All I had to do was write, because the help was needed.  I was fine with this, but it got to a point where things got expensive.  My expectations were to try new places, which meant eat out more, and he was asked to boost the “local-friendly” Gordon Biersch at the tax-free Destiny USA.  Gordon Biersch was nothing new to me, in my opinion, and the excitement surrounding the chain has silenced since the opening.

Upon talking to those behind the scenes, owners and workers, they thought the name of the site that I wrote for was a joke, and they figured I should be writing about concerts and the night club scene.  I never told owner this because I felt terrible.  

However, the owner has since dropped Website and developed his own social media company.  I haven’t heard anything since last New Years.

Last night on the blue-and-white social media platform, Website Owner posted a link to a blog post about cancer prevention, which is entitled “How to Avoid Cancer.”  Cancer is a huge topic, and seeing such a title irked me quite a bit.  As a writer/blogger, it’s easy to pick up on signs of a legitimate website.

Here is all the information.  The blog in question is Prem Aseem, the December 19th (2012!) post, and this blog is (sadly) through WordPress. You can dot-wordpress-dot-com the blog, but I don’t want to have my linking this web page to pop up on his comment section.  As a blogger, once we link to someone else’s blog post, that blogger will get notified.  I don’t that crazy blogger following me.  After reading the article, notes were made and were posted to Website Owner’s wall in the comment section, telling him that something is not right.  I told him that this is a serious topic, and there was no legitimacy behind the post.

Here is the website, if you want to take a look at the ridiculous yourself:

Website Owner, who has never blogged in his life, shut me down in a passive aggressive comment telling me that, and I quote:

“Thanks for the tips Chris and I respect your opinion. But in my personal and professional experience, things in this article have been proven to significantly reduce the physical damage of cancer and MS. My old bosses husband and my old coworker both saw unbelievable improvement on their conditions using completely raw diets and supplements. Eating healthy and taking care of your body isn’t harmful to anyone, regardless of grammatical errors.”

What I had written is quoted below; however, Website Owner feels the need to simply mention my statement of grammatical errors and leave out the other red flags that were made.  Since this is a blog post, notations will be made to justify/elaborate some of the points that could not be expressed on FB.

Here is why this website is not legitimate:

“[Name], as a there are some serious warning signs to not take this “writer” seriously. I only clicked on this due to the intro being in all capital letters.

1. If you get an email or someone posts with capital letters, it’s a sure sign that it’s spam.

NOTE:  Would you open an email from an unknown address?  Would you open up the email if the preview contained all capital letters? This is what is written at the beginning of the blog post:


2. This blogger adds no links, quotes, or credible evidence that this is substantial material.

3. The method of writing this post is in general terms, which can simply be Googled and taken from various resources.

NOTE:  There are, in fact, no links… especially one to reference Johns Hopkins.

4. There are so many spelling and grammatical errors.

5. The main picture says “Don’t look at the nude.”

NOTE:  This is the picture attached with the article.  ‘Don’t look at the nude?” Really? Aside the ribbon, this picture is a general icon and has nothing specific about cancer.  


6. The “blogger” has his list of recent tweets, and the current list has several “magic tricks revealed” videos to YouTube.

NOTE:  Cool and Easy Magic Tricks!  Not so cool when you’re an “expert” on cancer.

I could go on, but I’m just looking out for you, bud. Cancer is a topic that should be taken seriously. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.”

Like my associate and many others, I know people in my life who has survived cancer and who are dealing with M.S.  Here are some other notes as to why this page is illegitimate:

  1. There is no mention of helping M.S. patients in this article.
  2. There is only one mention of eating raw vegetables.
  3. The article was written in 2012… it’s outdated material.
  4. At the top of the page, the header outlines other pages to the blog.  One section is called Learning Center.  When you click on Learning Center, the description reads as follows:  “I love to Learn and share my Leanings. This part of web site is dedicated to all enthusiasts who love learning.”
  5. There is another section that says Wooden Models, and there is a subcategory that reads “Motor bike.”  When you click on the link, you are brought to a page with a picture of a cheaply designed wooden motorcycle model that could be a 3-D puzzle.

So, there we have it.  Sure, this was a bit redundant to touch upon a topic that bloggers are aware of.  However, it is needed to be said as a reminder.  Just because something seems legitimate, you need to look for links and quotes to solidify the information that you’ve been given.  If you can’t find any, the website needs to be examined in its entirety.

13 thoughts on “Illegitimate Bloggers

  1. One of the things that irks me is having someone write posts on medical issues that they believe offer something that will work for everyone without any proof. Now, I’m not going to discount that there are things some people can do that helps them fight certain diseases. Diabetes is one where some people go on drastic diets and thus can keep their glucose under great control and that’s fine. But saying they “cured” diabetes… not even close to true and I dislike those people with a great passion.

    I’m with you on calling it out, but I’m betting deep down you knew you were going to get some resistance, even while writing it. That’s the nature of the beast; writing what you did here about it was strong stuff, and probably the way to go for the least amount of consternation from someone else.

    As for the image… the person is a moron (since I can’t tell whether it’s a guy or gal from the name lol).

    1. Mitch, I feel awful for not responding to you timely. Thank you for your support and kind words. It’s sad that people don’t look around a website to see if it is medical information legitimate, assuming the content is legit.

  2. Chris, a bold piece, that will open you up to harsh criticism, but i know you can handle it well. you are right on in calling much of what is posted as “legitimate” for the bullshit it truly is. there is a real need for a high standard of legitimacy, integrity, and honesty here. i can honestly say, while my stuff is not among the best out there, it is truly mine. and i present nothing as factual as it is literary, though i do tackle some issues in poetry such as injustices against native american indians, though i research thoroughly before putting a piece together. thanks my good man for having the balls to blow the whistle. keep it up. bob

    1. Bob, thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. Writing, for everyone, is important, and it’s about sticking to your beliefs. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get one’s feet wet to continue on a bold path. I appreciate your poetry and it is literary in my opinion. Poetry is often subject to a person’s personal take on said poem. I’ve picked up on the Native American references, and I appreciate it despite my ignorance toward it in regard to not fully understanding. We can all read about such topics, but it’s difficult to comprehend when you’re not fully versed. I thank you for your personal enlightenment. Keep up the great writing. thank you for reading and commenting, and have a wonderful New Year!

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